West coast drive with versa frame bumper mounting

During the offseason the team I’m mentoring is going to build a 6 wheel west coast drive very similar to this one http://www.buildblitz.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/2-cim-in-ballshifter-325in-wheels.png and I’m looking for help with how to mount the bumpers to it.

A really simple way we’ve done it in the past is to get some pieces of 2x1 80/20 and mount them to the side, provided your frame is inset 2". We tap the outside hole on top and screw some threaded rod into it, then attach the bumpers with your choice of fastener.


We put blocks in the corners of our bumpers, with a hole going straight down. Then on each corner of the chassis we have a clevis pin-like thing sticking up 1/2" from the neighboring edges of the chassis. Clevis pin goes into blocks in the corner of the bumper, then we stick in a pin. Very fast, very effective, as long as your clevis pins don’t break (I recommend 5/16" diameter at least).

We did use corner bumpers this year with our WCD, which we bolted onto the frame, however, in the past, we have use C-Channel on the bumper and 1x1 stock on the robot with mounting holes, and we used quick-release pins from McMaster-Carr to go through all of the frame and the C-Channel. This made bumper switching quicker and easier to put on and take off as you don’t need any hand tools to put them on.

We didn’t use them in 2016 because we felt like the game didn’t lend itself to using the pins with the constant up and down of going over the defenses.

picture cause i’m not sure what you mean