West Coast Products Dog with Andymark Gears?

I just wanted to do a quick sanity check on this before we go too much further with this design concept. Is there any reason that dogged Andymark gears would be incompatible with the West Coast Products dog shifter profile? Looking at the CAD models, it appears that mating these two products provides ~40% less angular engagement clearance than the AM dog on an AM gear, though still plenty to safely engage, and comparable clearance to the WCP system as designed. The edges, though close, are also not quite parallel as they are when they make contact on the stock AM box, they’re about 3.5 degrees off, leading to point contact between the inner point of the gear’s profile and the edge of the dog.

My instincts say that it’ll be fine, and this minor inconsistency will either not matter at all or wear to flat over time. But I wanted to hear some other opinions, especially from anybody who has tried this, before we use this interface to support our robot (figuratively and literally!)