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Has anyone had an issue having the Falcon 500 delivered? We ordered the 8x Falcon 500 all the way back in December 6th 2021 and still haven’t received them. I contacted west coast product ; they told me they would get some from the local team in CA. They mailed us 3 used Falcons and 1 new. Since then, we’ve contacted them several times through phone, email, and support forum on their website, still no response about the old order or the remaining 4 that needed to be delivered. We need the FIRST community to help us reach out to them to send us the remaining motors. We had to compete a week ago with loaner motors. i have a screenshot of the email to both.
Thanks, everyone

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Interesting that their website says they are in stock right now too, maybe @R.C has a better answer for you?

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Please that would help. @R.C we couldn’t do anything in our first event

Did you stop reaching out to WCP after January 10th?

According to the OP, they did not.

we reached out to them every week. no response


Not saying you’re not telling the truth, but this seems out of character for WCP.


understandable but that’s the case since then we have also order other things for WCP that has been delivered. if you read the emails i posted they had old motors from other teams that was used sent to us we don’t even care about that we just want the rest of motors what we paid for sent.

Looking through this post, I want to set the record straight:

  1. We have not gotten emails “weekly”, looking through our ticket string this just got reopened today regarding these missing motors. There are some older tickets regarding other stuff.

  2. The motors sent were not “OLD”. They were motors that were bought by our local team (1323). We took stock from that so this team could have 1/2 their shipment to get running until more came in the next month or two knowing. Again these motors were BRAND NEW… When my sales team told me a team needed motors I told them to send these over.

  3. We split shipped this order order multiple times. 1 - 2 - 3 . Most companies wait till all items are in before just shipping stuff.

  1. Tracked the root of the issue after talking to our sales guys, the order was auto archived on Jan 10th due to some software issue where it thought we shipped the remainder 4 items out. This happened because we had to cancel the total amount of falcons before shipping because we ran out.

Tl;DR we are human too and mistakes happen. You can always reach out to me personally and we’ll make it right.


Not based on my experience. A couple years ago (2019) we had a similar issue with their pneumatic tires. My problem wasn’t with the shipping/customs issues they encountered and the missed estimated ship dates (although finally getting them 4.5 weeks after the originally posted “in-stock” date was extremely frustrating) - it was the difficulty in getting ahold of them. Never once did they pick up the phone when I called (always during posted business hours), and it took multiple emails, and in one case waiting 6 days (and making alternative orders to ensure we would have items in hand before week-0), before we could get any reply.

They have some nice products. I’ll order stuff from them in the off-season and pre-season. But I generally look elsewhere if I can for anything mission critical during the season.


@R.C the new or old is not the issues we just want the other 4 motors. Is there anything you can do to get us the remain motors? i didn’t know i could reach out to you personally. the reason we said the motors where used is because they signs of wear on the motors both inside and outside and rust on the shafts


Totally understandable. Again we do make mistakes and try pretty hard to improve year to year. We’ve added quite a few things that seem to helped this year (website/products/manuals/email ticketing/backordering better etc…).


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