West Coast Products Pneumatic wheels/tire status?

Does anyone have any insight into when the 6 inch WCP Pneumatic wheels/tires are going to ship? When I ordered them on the 7th, the website said “Expect to shipping backorders starting 1/14”. It still does.

I have emailed twice, once on Wednesday and again today without a response.

Don’t know if this helps but:

  1. We have three sets of eight hubs (so three 8wd robot’s worth) and only need two, so we could set you up with a set.
  2. I found a company called Service Caster that seems to have a similar tire in black, I ordered a dozen today and will update y’all as to how good they are and how quickly they arrive. I want rubber tires instead of nylon if possible, those things wear out quick.
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Clint, I always have to call. They don’t always get back to my emails, but they are great over the phone. The number is at the top left of the WCP page.

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Thanks, I’ll give them a call.

Hi Everyone,

We had our first shipment come in last week and cleared out some of the backorders. We have the main bulk of our hubs, 6" tires and 8" tires being shipped this weekend/early next week to us. Our goal is to clear all backorders by end of week 3.

After the backorders are filled we will have plenty of stock for all customers. There will be no shortage of hubs or tires.


Awesome news! Thanks for the update!

R.C. – any updates on the backorders?

In both 2016 and this season we bought all our 6" pneumatic tires from Zoro. tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if these are the same tires offered by WCP.

The problem for us isn’t the tires, it’s the hubs. @Zebra_Fact_Man, what did you do for the hex hubs on those wheels?

We used versahubs to mount the hub the tire comes on to the robot’s axle.

In 2016, the bearing part of the hub wasn’t welded onto the rest of the hub, so you could unbolt it and use both sides of the hub. We then simply drill holes in the hub to match the versahub as centered as possible and there we go.

This year the bearing core was welded to 1 of the 2 hub sides, but since we bought enough tires for 2 robots, 1/2 of the 16 tire’s hubs could be modified for the 8 comp bot wheels, and all the hubs from 2016 (since it’s the same tire) can be used for the practice robot.


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Those are definitely not the same as the WCP tires

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I never purchased tires from WCP, but the ad pics look near identical to me.
Do you have any pics to back up your claims? Zoro changed their color this year, but the treads & tireside text are the same.

Pictured below - WCP tire, and 1076’s 2016 tires from Zoro:

I was looking at this picture, those two look pretty identical

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Zoro apparently has wheels with both the grey rubber tires and the black in stock. I am confident that the grey is the same as the WCP tires, and the black is so similar as to be functionally equivalent. We are running the black (purchased from a different company) and they are the same. We’ve purchased our tires from WCP in the past so I speak with confidence.

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WCP updated their website: ETA: 6" Tires delayed, ship date is 02/12.

We actually bought several that’s still packaged in the same box it came in. We aren’t going to end up using them and was planning to reach out to wcp to return.

If anyone needs them, we would be happy to sell them to you. Send me a message.

PM sent, thanks!

Just got a message from WCP that tires are still held up in customs (from China) with no certain date for receiving them. So frustrating. We ordered these back on January 10th and designed our bot around them based on the optimistic updates on the WCP website. I notice several of the other options mentioned in this thread are also back ordered, so others must be scrambling as well.

I found what appears to be a low cost option at an outfit called “superdriod robotics”, a wheel with the 6" pnuematic tire and tube for only $4.99. Seems to good to be true?!?, but at this stage we are desperate.

This is the single biggest issue we’ve seen from suppliers the past few years - they post a date on their website, assuring you parts will be available during the season. So you order and design around those parts, making sure that it’ll be easy to stick it in when it arrives. And then the dates slip, and slip again. The next thing you know, it’s been several weeks since you originally expected them. You’ve bagged your robot. And you’re just hoping that they come in before you leave for your first event.

This issue isn’t just related to WCP either. It’s frustrating and harms teams. Honestly, they should just post “out of stock” and not provide an estimated date or ability to order, unless they are 100% confident they won’t miss the date. Don’t they know the impact they have on teams when something like this happens?


The wheels at Superdroid look like the tires will not fit the WCP rims unless you cut out the bead. My first attempt at purchasing alternative 6" wheels resulted in tires with an internal diameter that was too small to fit as well. I took a razor and a spindle sander to one of them and got it to fit after cutting the steel bead out, and went ahead and kitted it up to test. It did work since the WCP hubs have a large ring to hold the tire in place; nothing ever popped out or acted like it might be unsafe to use under full inflation. I have a box of 20 of those wheels that we did not end up using once we found the Caster Specialty tires (same as Zoro). If Superdroid doesn’t work out let me know