West Michigan District Competition

West Michigan is shaping up to be a great competition! There will be a lot of depth, with most of the teams having at least one competition under their belt. Rumor has it there will even be one team there with 2 district victories already (I wonder who that could be??).

We have been watching videos, tweaking the robot, and feeding the drive team a special diet of caffeine and sugar to get them in the right frame of mind for the competition.

Let’s show 'em what the West side of the state has to offer!

Mr Ten Brink,

I’m going to answer your question with a question. :slight_smile: what time is it?!?!?!?

Looking at the team list, this event should be a great one!

I, and all of my team, wish everyone good luck and great success!

And as always, “Good luck, and we’ll see you at the competition!”

I don’t think that is the best diet for the Drive Team :yikes:

I can’t wait for 3 competitions in the same weekend here in Michigan and am looking forward to volunteering at another amazing competition at GVSU!!! :cool:

This is going to be an awesome weekend!

Congrats to 107 Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S. We are looking forward to West Michigan and competing with all our old friends and making some new ones. It was nice to see the growth of FIRST in our state this year and all of the new teams and especially that these rookie teams are quite good if not excellent. It was quite a lot to take in the first year for me and I can only imagine if a lot of the mentors are rookies like I was but it seems the FIRST alumni have stepped up to mentor and WOW!

Good Luck to Everyone! Keep the carpet under your wheels and may your shots be accurate!!!

So excited to watch West Michigan. Looking at the roster, I think this may be one of the best events to watch this year. So much depth and talent that elims should be really competitive.

Thanks for the shout out. We always look forward to this event too. This year we have been to the east side of the state and to Escanaba it will be nice to be home and sleep in my own bed.Their are so many good teams here this year like 2054 and 1918,74,2771,141,85…and so many more. With the depth of good teams it will make elimination very interesting.

Thanks you to all the volunteers at this event. Thank you to 2771 code red robotics and 2075 Enigma Robotics for playing with us in the elimination rounds. Congratulations to the winners 494 ,2054 and 4956 and Also to team 74 for going 12-0 in the qualifying rounds, no easy task.
I would appreciate any links to matches from the event that you might have ,including the eliminations.

What an event. The competition was tough and the hits were hard. This was good preview of what the State Championship is going to look like. I want to thank all the teams who came out and attended the event and of course our host GVSU.

GVSU had a student (a former FIRSTer) there on Saturday doing some video work. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elQldHm31Rg&feature=youtu.be

It was great competing in West Michigan once again. I would like to thank 494 the Marians for choosing us to be on your alliance. You guys were rock solid during the seeding and eliminations. 4956 you did your part as well. this game really emphasizes team work and using the abilities of each team.

Congrats to 1506 on the Chairman’s award and our friends 2771 on the Engineering Inspiration award and 4956 on the rookie all star award,.

The depth of good robots was something to behold. We may not have had the FRC HOF teams there but the number of teams that will qualify for state was high. Most of the teams we had to face in elims were previous alliance partners, gracious professionals and friends we have made over the years. I thought we might be getting the “2011 curse” back in the semi finals when our right joystick went dead but the problem did not reoccur. None of the elimination matches were easy to win as the alliance were all good. 107, 2771 and 2075 your elimination strategy had me worried. 4967, 1918 and 141 had me thinking about how we always face 1918 at GVSU and how good 4967 is (alliance partner at Gull Lake District) and 141 a previous good alliance partner in West Michigan.

Special thanks to 2771 for your open house which is invaluable to us and to 1918 for the inspiration on our catching system and the wheelie bars you guys suggested to us. You guys are awesome and a great example of gracious professionalism.

Good Luck to all that make it state and beyond!!!

This was a great event. It was great to see my old robotics friends and make some new ones, too.

There are so many teams and people to thank and congratulate that I won’t even start, due to the risk of putting you all to sleep with a four page post and still missing a bunch of them. I will make one exception though, and thank Ken Platteschorre for his work as the head of the planning committee.

I look forward to seeing many of you at MSC, and hopefully beyond. Losing out to that pesky brother of mine in the semi’s didn’t help. He must have had help from one or two teams with some experience at beating up on us (maybe we should have showed 2054 our wheelie enhancers instead…).

The West MI district is as good as it gets.

Thank you to all the volunteers that made this incredible event possible. I really missed being there last year, I have many friends on teams competing at West Michigan. There just isn’t another event like it. Wayne said it best in that “The West MI district is as good as it gets.”

Thanks to 107 for having us on your alliance, it was a good one. Congratulations to 494, 2054, and 4956 on the win.

Jim, I believe we have some match footage. I know Shivam was trying to see if he could get it last night. Hopefully we can get some sent your way.

Here is a link to a playlist with most of the elimination matches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XQE1LxSeT8&list=PLwVbv8uBkn0jIXmjrMKGJaJFSMoiY5r0o
Not sure why it didn’t upload in 1080p, I’ll see if we can get that sorted out.

I have everything recorded from the main feed. I will get this video all uploaded soon. hopefully next year it will be uploaded on the fly in addition to streamed.

Cool, it will be nice to critique our drive team with the video, hopefully you have it up before States.

I will put the videos in their entirety up on my server, firstvideoarchive.com Saturday night. The files will be large files but you can get it right away. I will get the videos split up as soon as I can, possibly as soon as Sunday but not a guarantee since I am at St Joe this weekend.