West Michigan District

We are looking forward to a some great competition this year. Four of the teams have already won a District so far. Several have 5 or 7 shot autonomous, there’s a few full court shooters, some defense specialists, and several climbers, too. This is the second event for everyone there, so we should all have a few of the bugs worked out and the drive teams have some valuable experience.

What are you all bringing to West Michigan that you didn’t have at your first event? We hope to step up our autonomous, shorten our cycle time, and maybe even climb past the 10 point level.

See you all in a couple of days!

B.O.B. is looking for redemption from our poor showing at Gull Lake. We made bad match decisions and were riddled with mechanical issues (frisbees jamming, hopper unable to be fed frisbees, and the climber being unable to go beyond 10 points.)

We are hoping to show off a fixed climber, improved hopper to facilitate much faster feeding, and a more fancy autonomous mode (we don’t have floor intake so no 7 shot autonomous.) I will see you all on Thursday night.

Well the team with the longest name in FIRST, 326, has made big strides in the last 2 weeks to greatly improving many functions of the robot. Maybe a Star Wars like item might appear. See everyone there!

The TECH Vikes plan to have a 7 disc autonomous and a pick up modification that should help us prevent jamming issues when two or more discs are together on the floor in both auto and tele-op.

I look forward to seeing how much the teams and robots I have seen have improved. The first district event is always an on the job training session of how well the robot works and what strategies are being used etc… In the later events everybody has “tweaked” their Bot and strategy to be more competitive and it shows.

See you all on Friday!

If you look at some the OPR data for teams that have competed at least twice so far this season, there are some pretty impressive improvements. Here are a few teams we are all familiar with:
2959: 51 to 56
2474: 34 to 62
2000: 27 to 38 to 63

I think its going to take something like that to do well at WM. We’ll find out soon enough if our tweaks and training pay off. There will be a lot of teams there with the potential to take it all.

Those were some exciting eliminations matches this afternoon. Congratulations to 2054, 862, and 904. We thought we had it after the first match, but then you guys went on fire and we couldn’t make up the difference.

1918, you always build an incredible machine. Your 5 Frisbee autonomous, consistent and fast teleop shooting, a fast 30 point climber, and a 20 point dumper was amazing.

I would like to thank 74, and 107 for picking us to finish a Holland & Zeeland alliance. We are no eh team but we gave the 1st alliance a run for their money.

Congratulations to 141 for their long deserved Chairman’s Award. I hope you guys the best of luck at State Championship.

Unfortunately we will not be qualifying for State Championship, but good luck to all the teams representing West Michigan.

Well after 6 years 326 made it’s way back over to Allendale and it was worth it! Being able to see all of the west state teams again was great! The hosts GVSU did a excellent job of having a full practice field and more than enough seating.

First congratulations go to 141, for their Chairman’s award win and autobid to MSC.

To 862, 2054 and 904, great job on the win. This was a deep event, lots of great robots and any win Michigan is a hard earned one.

To 70 and 141. Thank you for accepting our alliance invites. We couldn’t have gotten enough points for states without you guys and our pre-match discussion’s were some of the best parts of the elimination’s. We had a plan and executed it perfectly. Just a few missed auton shots and maybe things are different, but we were proud.

Hope to see as many of you as possible at MSC!

Outstanding event! 862 had an amazing time this weekend. This event was very well run and Grand Valley was an outstanding host!

Thank you to our awesome alliance partners; 2054 Tech Vikes you were unbelievable, your bot makes floor pick up look easy and you held the alliance up in matches where we stumbled. 904 D Cubed you guys were an great defensive bot. Thank you to both of you for joining our alliance!

3234, 1918, 4003, 4381, 68, 3546, 107, 74, and 85 you made for some very exciting elimination matches and made us work for every win.

Congratulations to 141 on their Chairman’s Award, very well deserved!

Last but not least thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this event possible!

This was a great weekend, thanks to all the work from the Ken Platteshore and the planning committee, the staff at GVSU, the volunteers, and all the strong teams that attended. GVSU is a great venue.

Thanks for 3234 for picking us and 4003 completing a great alliance. We gave it our best. Too bad the matches don’t run 2 minutes and one second! Congratulations to 862, 2054, and 904. You earned every bit of your victory.

Congratulations to 141 on winning the Chairman’s award.

And to 494, Mom promised me that she likes us both the same - Nyahh!

Thanks to 862 for picking us. We had our ups and downs in seeding and did not always look good and there were many excellent teams to choose from.

904 you guys really helped out on defense. I noticed some really good work in the semi-finals slowing down 68 who was amasingly fast and accurate.

There was not a single weak alliance in the eliminations and the outcome of each match almost made you hold your breath waiting to see who had won. None of the eliminations were blow outs. They all were close enough that you really didn’t know who had won before the scores were announced. I told a mentor from the Comets that no matter who won the event, the other teams would have been beaten by their friends.

74, 85, 107 I was glad to see the Holland area alliance but you guys almost gave me heart failure in the quarter finals!!!

1918, 3234, 4003 you guys are awesome and how could that last match been any closer. Another second and there would have been a a third match.

A very well deserved Chairmans Award for the Wo-Bots team 141. You guys are great.

I also want to thank our hosts at GVSU, the planning commitee and the volunteers. This was a very well run event in a very good venue.