West Michigan First Robotics Expo

I know this is short notice, but scheduling and details just became available.

This weekend - October 14, 2006 we will be holding a small display of FIRST robotics, at the Westshore Mall in Holland, MI. Times are from 10:00AM to 3:00 PM.

Please pass this on to any area teams, team members, sponsors, or other interested people.

At this time it looks like we’ll have four robots there and displays and videos about FIRST. Our team and members of other local teams have been talking about doing some things together to strengthen the local FIRST community, This is one such event. The intent is:

  • Get neighboring teams together to share experiences and ideas, and just get to know each other.
  • Show what’s involved to potential new members of our teams.
  • Show the public some of what we do also.

This is a fairly informal event, but promises to be lots of fun. Ideally this will grow into an annual event.

Please contact me for more information or if you’d like to help in some way.

Today’s event was considered a good time by everyone I talked to. We hope to an event similar to this next year. Teams attending: 85, 107, 141, 288, and last years 1654. I estimate around 50 FIRSTers plus some family members and alumni participated. We’d like to publicly thank Westshore Mall for the free use of the facility, tables, carpet, etc.

It was a very informal event, which was one of it’s main attractions. Several teams had videos and slide shows, and eventually all of the robots got a chance to run. We generated some crowd and media attention., shared some ideas, and got to look at each other’s creations up close.

Some observations which others might find interesting:

1654’s mentors are trying to start a team at a different school, since their old school closed after last year. The new team will be number 2015.

288 seems to have a fresh outlook, with some new mentors and additional support.

All of us seem ready for next season’s challenges!

Good to hear! Glad all went well

I just wanted to say you guys did have a great set up today. I stopped by for a little bit with a friend to watch and see what was going on, and you had a great turn out, best of luck to you all this year!


And you couldn’t stop and say HI? Shame on you! :slight_smile:


Did anyone from team 107 show up? I heard somthing was going on but didnt know where or when .I am sorry I missed it.
Good luck this year to team 85 and all the west michigan teams.

jim schaddele
Team 107

Haha I believe I did talk to you for a second, I’m just not sure who you are. I did spend some time talking to the old 1654 team because I’ve introduced myself to them before, but there were ALOT of people there!

Yes, they had quite a crowd there. At least half a dozen students, some adults, and a fair amount of family members. It was the first time I got a real close look at your 2006 robot, pretty nice.

I’ll try to get some pictures posted if any are worthwhile.