West Michigan Game Day Stream

Tune in at 2PM EST Today to watch our professional webcast of the 2023 West Michigan District Event PLAYOFFS.


Everyone watch Match 11 right now!

Edit: now let’s see if Alliance 1 can navigate the treacherous scenic route to the Finals, or will they be tripped up by Alliance 6? Keep your eyes on Match 13!

And after some excitement, we get the West Michigan Finals that everyone expected. 2v1.

494-70-6094 v 3357-27-4855. Should be good.

And a continuous 2 robot vs 3 robot finals.

Is a recording being posted anywhere for those who missed it and are curious of the broadcast style

We were told it would be uploaded to YouTube “soon”.

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I am told they will be at Troy 2 next week, so you can catch the setup next Saturday as well.

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Here is a link to the full video.


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