West Michigan Regional: Any Videographers?

Hey guys,

Just a quick favor to ask. Did anyone take video of the West Michigan Regional closing ceremonies? I would love to hear what they said during the Chairman’s announcement, unfortunately, in the description, in the first sentance or two the announcer said something that gave it away so everyone started screaming and I didn’t hear another word.

Any chance anyone can hook me up with the Chairman’s Award announcement from WMR?

Team 74 has taped it on VHS. We also purchased a DVD recorder. So we should also have a DVD copy. I will talk to the person who was in charge of recording it and see if we can get you a copy.

I believe I may be able to, at least we have what he said on paper if nothing else.

Hey guys,

This post is from last year and I’m not actually still looking for video anymore, but maybe someone else is???

talk about old posts…

Incase anyone IS looking for video from West Michigan Regional,

In about an hour, so at like 6ish, I will have extremely high quality video up. Recorded 4 hours per DVD disk. They are in 4 hour incraments. I will over the next day or so upload smaller files of each match. I reccamend waiting until probably monday night to get the smaller files unless you want to wait about 6+ hours.