West Michigan Regional Invitational 2008

Congrats to 494, 397, and 74. You guys were an incredible alliance that made the finals really exciting to watch. You could score like crazy and 74 played some of the best and most tenacious defense I’ve seen all year.

Thank you to 1243 and 904. You guys were great alliance partners, and I’m glad we had the chance to play with you guys. I hope we get that chance again in the future.

Thank you to the host teams, refs, and other volunteers. I was surprised by the high quality of the whole event. The pits, field, and robot flow were all set up superbly. John is right, you guys could easily host a district in the future, and at the very least I really hope more teams come to compete next year to make the event even better.

I’d like to specifically thank the 494, 70, and 397. All three of your teams show what it means to be a FIRST team. I never get tired of competing with the Martians, as your professional, helpful, and optimistic attitude always increase the quality of every event you attend. As an added benefit, naming the alliances you guys are part of is quite fun, simply add “… in SPACE!:smiley:

I only this just year started to see how high a quality team 397 is, and I don’t know why it has only now become apparent to me. While talking to a few of your members throughout the day I could see you are another one of those teams that will always raise the quality of the events you attend.

Again, thank you all for such a good time, and for the chance to truly test our rookies (they passed with flying colors, by the way.) It was a great event, and I’m sure it will only get better next year.

As I said to you there, I am so sick of seeing you guys against us in the finals. :stuck_out_tongue: I wish one of these times you would be with us. Simply stunning machine you have

I would like to compliment 1243, 910, and 904 on some amazing matches, these were some of the intense matches Ive ever seen in 5 yrs in FRC. My hat is off to you. Now, I want to thank 494 for picking us, it was a joy working with a team that I have watched since I stared FRC. 74 played some incredibly tenacious defense. Those were some really touch matches and I definitely consider that the highlight of my year. Not because we won but because we got a chance to really show what kids could do.