West Michigan Regional

All right, this thread really should be under the “Thankyous and/or Congrats,” but please bear with me:

First off, I want to say congrats to all the teams that attended: the regonal was awesome, the competition was awesome, and the atmosphere was amazing.

Special congrats to 47, 33, and 888- the finals match was awesome, ive never seen sooo many excited people.

Also I feel that these thank yous deserve some serious recognition:

To 27: You guys did awesome, and for giving us all the help-you saved our butt with controls and troubleshooting multiple times.

857: Also a team that saved us. You guys were a lifesaver for rewriting code with us.

33: Thanks for letting me steal Adam for most of his pit time to help me trouble shoot our drive train

226: (im not sure on this team number) Thanks for all the patience when we were borrowing drill bits etc.

123: Thanks to our pit buddies for all the support and for giving us the sand paper type belting stuff
***Anyone else i forgot, thank you soooo much

Thank you to all of the teams that gave us awards…there are too many to list, but you made the regional one to remeber for our team. Im sure we had a record number of awards in our pit this year:D

To all who attended Grand Rapids,

  Thank you for making this regional one to remember. I felt a real energy from everyone during the whole weekend. At times i felt like there was never a question that couldnt be answered or a problem that couldnt be solved. Everyone pulled together and helped where they could. Teams always seemed to have help to offer or a tool to loan. Thats what makes this such a wonderful thing.
 The Electricity in the crowd was also something to see and hear. To me it seemed like the loudest audience i have heard at a regional in a long time. Everyone was having a great time!!

   It was good to see old friends and to make new ones. The extended FIRST family  is very important to me. I feel lucky to have met such wonderful people throughout  the years and i hope to continue on that trend.

To teams 66 and 322, thank you for allowing us to play in the eliminations with you. You both are class acts. I enjoyed every match. To every team that played at West Michigan, thanks for making it so exciting. I still am amazed every time i see other teams robots and the things they come up with. I hope we will all continue to strive for the next level, and we will all meet at the top. LETS GO BLUE!!! and I will see you all in Florida.

                                Jimmy Holmes
                                Team 27

Thanks for being in our hotel. The pool party was fun. And you guys are really good at Euchre. Thanks for those of you that cheered for us. Good job on winning the spirit award, your team deserved it.

In over 4 years in FIRST, I don’t think I’ve ever heard more crowd support for my team. The noise was deffening during our quarter finals matches and the awards ceremony on Saturday. Thanks in particular to teams 128, 27, 65, 503 for making so much of it. You made of small team feel very large.


No thank You team #857, if it was not for you we would not have been able to play in the elimination round. Team #65, appreciates your kindness.:smiley: