West Michigan Robotics Invitational 2022

Heading out shortly to join the Average Joes at WMRI. I look forward to seeing many West Michigan Teams there, at Zeeland East HS.



It’s gonna be an awesome event! Can’t wait to see all the teams again

Watching from the UP! Good luck to all teams, and I am so excited to see all my favorite western FIM teams compete again (and I didn’t forget about you either 5926).

Is there a livestream of the event or are the results posted somewhere?

Twitch is the link to the Livestream. As far as I know scores are not posted anywhere, at least they are not on TBA.


Back home about 14 hours later.

WMRI 2022 was another great event, in the long tradition of this West Side classic. Both sides of the Semifinal round, AND the Finals, went to three matches. Robots were near, or past, their breaking points all the way through those rounds. My Average Joes advanced to the Finals by a razor-thin margin:

In the end, the 1 Alliance (2767, 2075, 74, 5926) proved too much firepower, but our alliance did make them earn the victory.

As always, the WMRI organizers and volunteers made this event worthy of the excellent reputation that precedes it. Special thanks to Wayne Tenbrink and several others for wrenching the big hardware (truss bolts) as field strike was winding down.


Are or will the match videos be available to view?

I doubt it… you can replay the twitch stream tho. Checking out the score of Semifinal Tiebreaker One (1v4). Will keep everyone updated.

What a fun event! Some very close matches and tough opponents, great to be a part of once again after a few years’ hiatus.

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Thanks to those who put forth the extraordinary effort to hold this event. The event was very well run. The teams were extremely competitive. You could watch the new drivers, on almost, if not all teams, progress through the event. There was a lot of growing done and the experience for the young team members will prove to be invaluable in their futures. We appreciate the opportunity to compete and to see robotics friends and to make new friends. Much appreciated!!


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