Western Michigan Regional

Hey Everybody!
I’m Vacationing in the Carribean and would love to know whats going on in Western Michigan! My team (857) is down there and any updates about them would be grately appreciated.

Live update from the WMR from Chris Fultz (234) for friday as follows.

Team Rankings

Award winners are as follows:

Rookie: 1243
Judges Award: 1447
Sprit Award: 519
Delphi Driving Tomorrow’s Technology Award: 830
Creativity: 857
Leadership in Controls: 67
Imagery Award: 494
and Finally the Woodie Flowers Award: Darrell Noble from Team Hammond 71. (BTW this is the second WFA winner from Team Hammond. Mr. Bill Beatty was awarded with this prestigious in 2001)

Congratulations to all teams!!! :]

Sweet thanks alot.
Does anyone know what the creativity award is and on what grounds Team 857 won it?

Look here:


BTW: to anyone at Western MI who video taped the awards:

I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide a transcript of the Judge’s Award presentation of Friday night (2-April). We had one of the final matches and I was in the pits getting the robot ready for the next day … endend up not even knowing what we’d won until they handed us the trophy :confused: It would be great to know what was said.

Just PM me if you can: Thanks in advance,