Westside Boiler Invasion Team 461's Finished Robot

Here is the finished version of Rowdy 8.0. The video is of the ramps being tested.

Here are some pictures of the robot. Enjoy!




I am always amazed by your elegant designs. Well done and good luck at St. Louis, and see you at BMR. Let’s all go nuts!

Loving the ramp deployment. What material are you using on your ramp?

Looks like clear polycarbonate to me, Arefin.

WBI with another very strong robot here. Love the drivetrain layout with 4 wheels in the back and dualie omni-wheels in the front. More impressive is the sight of a backup robot on the right wing. It looks complete, except for a lack of wings and some black paint. Many hours of practice will be happenin’ in WL.

Great job to all of 461… see you in St. Louis.

Andy B.

You’re 100% correct Andy. The backup is complete except for the ramps(which we really don’t need to practice with, all we do is drive straight up to the wall and deploy). It is Lexan on the ramps with a 1/16th inch welded box frame. If you look in the video, you will see all the ‘speed’ holes we added to make weight(~109.9). The only electrical thing on the ramps is a servo that pulls a pin. This is the first year we have built two robots, and hopefully it will pay off. The final robot only took about two weeks to build. It is nice to work out all the bugs on the first one, so the second one could be competition ready. We tried to keep the KISS theory in mind, and I think we did well at doing it. Looking foward to next week at St Louis!

I spy two almost identical robots.

Looking good Chris.

if i remember i will upload the footage of openhouse to youtube

Looks so clean! How much do the ramps weigh? How are they deployed?

The ramps are about 12 pounds a piece with legs , lexan, and things. A servo in the back pulls a pin, and surgical tubing does the rest. There is tubing in the joint of the ramps to give it the initial spring, and then the long piece takes over. The legs have surgical tubing on them as well to pop them out. We have a quite simple piece in the back to hold the ramps until they get out enough to fall and not hit the carpet. Like I said, its all mechanical except the servo. We figured it would be better and easier for other teams to come on our ramps on their time, not when we want them to. Just post the link if you get to it Allison, thanks.

Can’t wait to play with you in St. Louis and at the Boilermaker regional.
Good job!