WET610N Reset Button

I remember seeing a thread around here about the WET610 reset button jogging when the robot accelerates quickly, causing the router to reset and comms to drop for a couple seconds. We experienced similar issues at Portland, and the FTA said our “mysterious comms issue” was, indeed, due to the reset button. Mostly what I’m interested in is quick fixes that will let us drive smoothly at competition. I did a search for many combinations of radio, router, and reset, but I didn’t find what I was looking for. Can anybody help?

Do you mean the reset button or the “AutoConfigure” button? The reset button being pressed under any non-intentional condition is… strange. I also thought that pressing the reset button for less than 3ish seconds does nothing, and after it resets, it takes 30 seconds to boot up the first time, and then needs to be reconfigured.

If its the AutoConfigure, I’ve seen teams tape over it. Of course, in the situation you’re in, I don’t know if it’ll help any. Also, I find it doubtful that this is the case. If it Autoconfigures, it goes DHCP and it’ll lose field comm and never get it back.

Or is there another button I don’t know about…