We've been getting a lot of spam lately

I have noticed several spam posters appear on CD over the past few weeks, and was wondering what we can do to combat them.

Any ideas?

sadly this has been going on since the fall. We have had a few threads talking about it but have not come up with anything that works yet.


If you see a thread title that looks weird, hover the mouse over the thread title and read the first dozen or so words. This will tell you 95+% of the time if you have a spam post. If it looks like spam and has exactly one reply, ignore it.

If you decide it is spam and see zero replies, click through to it, verify whether it is spam, and if so report it as spam by clicking on the caution/yeild sign at the upper right of the post, then do a reply with the single word “Reported.” so that the site admins aren’t overloaded with duplicate reports.

Edit: Spammers vs web sites is an arm race; my advice will probably be quite wrong in a matter of weeks.

These bots like to post a lot of links. I have proposed having a check on the ratio of link words to non-link words in the past.

The bot makes a text only post then edits the post to add the link. I actually managed to watch one of them do it today.

I usually quick reply “reported” before reporting it so people don’t waste their time doing the same thing. There has been an uptick recently I think.