We've seen 148, whats 217 and 1114 up to?

We are all still amazed by the “Batman” release.

Remembering that the Thunderchickens (217) have key IFI sponsorship and across the years have shared parts… will we see a net trio named after the Birds of Prey comix? (For you non-comic trivia people, Birds of Prey followed after Batman left Gotham.) Is there another triple in the wings?

Likewise the famous Canadian Team 1114 is also an IFI sponsored team. Will they unveil a duo after Wolverine (who was Canadian) or will they bring the full force of the famed RCMP superheroes to the playing field?

I don’t think so. This is a game that lends itself to extreme diversity at the highest levels of play, rather than the high level convergence seen in many other seasons.

Yep, we are about to see 2000 fork lifts, 1200 claws, 100 dozers. 3 teams with multiple bots isn’t a convergence, they would be still the outliers.

I am looking forward to seeing what 118 did this year.

I think 148 absolutely nailed the Human Player loader design. I hope another team of that caliber decided to attack the landfill. A team that can efficiently process the totes in the land fill could be very impressive. While there are some definite challenges due to the different orientations, they are placed predictably.

While a robot like 148 should dominate the qualifying rounds, it becomes important in eliminations that their partners can get the center trashcans in autonomous, and can work from the landfill.

I believe that if two of 148’s robots were on the same alliance they would run out of totes before the match was over.

1114 and 217 don’t typically do traditional release videos do they?

Teams on my short list:


If you’re in the mix with these guys you’re generally doing pretty well for yourself.

Cheers, Bryan

If you’re in the mix with 33, you’re generally doing pretty well too.

1114’s release video will happen on Thursday March 4th at GTR Central.

Does anyone know if FRC Top 25 is doing another release video show like last year? I haven’t seen anything on the few times I’ve browsed chief over build season, but it would explain the very few videos thus far.

This is the one time I hate Koko Ed. He has upfront views and can look closely at the details of the robots.

OTOH, he spends about $1.2 million of his own money to do that every year :slight_smile:

Post pictures!!!



Innovation First provides resources and mentors to more than just 3 teams. They have a hand in a lot of “top tier” teams.


Thanks! I’ve been busy between a midterm paper and a take home midterm, so I haven’t had much of a chance to take myself away from those and my classes.

Oh yes, sorry to not have included those, but wanted to see if the other top robots wanted to show-and-tell. Koko Ed has already posted about GTR as the place to be…

I’m a VEX mentor, i want to say that conversations with Paul, JVN, Tony, and Karthik from IFI have made the best improvements in my teams. The rule in management is to hire smarter than you. If you look at the team at IFI with AD4, CG, Aren, etc as new hires, its pretty amazing. I’m sure I’ll be impressed on who they hire.

There are lots of smart teams there. Since I’m on a trip and can’t see them “through the glass”, so I’m trying to live through reveal videos. Next stop is the top25 show

Take a look at this

You forgot us… :frowning:


Lol, just kidding.