WFA: Dave Verbrugge

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Congratulations to Dave Verbrugge for his WFA Award in 2002.

I have never personally been able to thank Mr. Verbrugge in person for everything he has given to FIRST and to team 67. It is an honor to have people like you around and also it is more amazing to see you continually work for the better of everyone. I congratulate you Dave on all you have done for FIRST!

Congrats Dave. This is well deserved. I have been able to work with Dave now for 4 years on team 67 and now this year with working on team 406. He works non-stop for both teams doing anything and everything. Not to mention he is always coming up with new ideas. He is definately a person to look up to. Congrats again Dave!

After working with Dave as a volunteer at regionals it is easy to see why he won this award. If I can give a 10th back to FIRST that Dave has, I will feel like I have accomplished a great deal. Thanks Dave for all your hard work and dedication. Keep it up!!!

I’ve worked with Dave now for 2 years and I’m still in awe. I swear, I really think he made a deal with someone to get more hours added to the day, because what he accomplishes in a day, no mere mortal could accomplish in a year. Dave is truly an awesome guy and anyone who gets the chance should most definately try to get to know him. Congrats Dave, and keep on going!

I’ve never quite had the pleasure of working with you, but if you’ve won the Woodie Flowers Award, you’re most certainly a great asset to FIRST and the FIRST community. Congratulations on the award, and thank you for all of the hard work!


Congrats from Team 302! On our team you are known as: “the guy from the HOT Team that does headstands before the matches”. You have emceed nearly every one of our competitions and we think you do a great job. I am sure your work for the HOT Team is even greater. Good luck this season. We’ll be sure to see you guys at the Great Lakes and Western Michigan Regionals.

Congrats again!

Congratulations, Dave!
This is well deserved. Thanks for your inspiration to adult mentors across the land and all you do to advance the ideals of FIRST. I enjoy every event where you participate. Thanks for GLR this weekend, too.

Congrats to Dave for this award. I’ve never actually worked with you, but if you are as good of a team member fo as you are an MC you are pretty darn good. Great job at GLR this weekend and congratulations again!

I have known Dave for a number of years. I feel we are kindred spirits in many ways.

I saw something this weekend that I raises my admiration for him to a new level.

Dave was the MC for the Great Lakes Regional. In addition to being a GREAT MC, he is also a (the?) leader of the HOT team #67. As such, I know his heart and soul has been put into his team’s Chairman’s Award submission.

As you all know, the MC announces the winners of the competition. I was lucky enough to be a Judge at the competition. Dave stood next to me in the receiving line.

His team competed for the Chairman’s Award at the GLR. Dave’s team did not win but he read the announcement with enthusiasm and he greeted the winners (Team Rush – #27) with what I felt sure was real feeling.

I am sure his heart was heavy at that moment. Yet, Dave is such a class act, he was able to put his own feelings aside for the time so as not to detract from the experience of others.

To Dave Verbrugge, I raise a toast and offer the highest praise I can give: I would be proud to have my son grow up to be like him.

Joe J.