WFA: Elizabeth Calef

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Liz is a great person. It has been a pleasure to get to know her over the past few months.

Good job, Liz!

Andy Baker

Congratulations Liz,
Sorry I missed that awards presentation in 1997. Of all the awards presented at nationals, the WFA is the most emotional for me. Thankfully, I have met most of the WFA recipients and am glad to know them. I hope to be able to meet you soon.

Liz - I cannot wait until I finally get a chance to meet you! :smiley:

I am delighted that you are coming to nationals … this may be the last time we can all be together … all of the Woodie Flowers Awardees!

See you in Atlanta!

Great job Mrs. Calef!!! I believe that was my brother’s freshman year and I remember him talking about it!!! You truly do deserve that award!!!


You’re a great mentor from a great team! Congratulations once again!



Thank you for all your dedication and hard work over the years. It was very easy to see how you won this recognition from the many interesting exchanges we have had. Keep up the good work!

-Andy Grady

I’ve been buggin’ him, but I don’t think that Mike Bastoni will be in Atlanta.

Andy B.

congrats Liz, Your mentorship is well apprictiated by all. Thank You Liz :smiley:

Dave Ferreira

Thanks for all the nice words! See you in Atlanta!!!