WFA: Ken Patton

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I have known Mr.Patton for about three years now being a part of the Huskie Brigade. He has become a great mentor and friend over these years. Not only do we talk about FIRST things, we also talk about the future, school, and just how everything is going in general. His enthusiasm and competitiveness for FIRST is something that I hope to mimic by the time my FIRST “career” comes to an end (if it ever ends…) This year I took on the role of becoming the student leader, a role that had big shoes to fill. He has helped me every step of the way. The relationship that he has with his “kids”, as he likes to call the students, is one that I hope every FIRSTer encounters on thier own home team. Ken challenges, raises expectations and goals for the students and then helps to meet these goals. He pours in so much time and devotion to make the team stronger and sucessful, its amazing that he can get his REAL work done! Every year that I have known him, Ken has always been there to help. Struggling in school, he tutored and I got an A- on my exam. Need to make a decision, his advice helps 120%. I wish that I could have been there to see him receive the award but I know that he deserved the WFA and still does to this day. THANKS KEN! -Erik

Congratulations Mr. Patton, the FIRST community would never have been the way it is now without your support to it’s cause. Thank you for all that you’ve done to make it worthwhile for every student that reap’s the benefits of this great organization. CONGRATULATIONS!!

No one deserves the WFA more than Ken (although, others deserve it equally). To me, Ken epitomizes what it means to be a FIRST mentor. I consider him a friend and I’m better because of it.