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Paul, I got to see how you reacted to a unfortunate situation at Nationals. Your character really showed in how you reacted and continued on from that. A shining example of gracious professionalism and just being a good guy. :slight_smile:



Yes, Paul (Mr. Wiggles) is an awesome guy and well deserving of this recognition! Till next year Good luck and see you in the pits!


Yay Paul! Congrats (again) on winning, you’ve earned it!

Congrats Paul! Keep up the good work

Congrats Paul! I know a bunch of people have already expressed their congratulations in this thread, I hope that you realize how much we all think of you!!!

A man who is a true inspiration for FIRST students, a man who speaks for himself, a man who is behind the success of one of the best teams in FIRST team 217, Thunderchickens, a man who is well deserved to be honored Woodie Flowers Award. Congratulations Paul. It was very nice to speak to you in person. You are not only a very good mentor, you are also a very good friend.

congrats!!! without him…FIRST wouldn’t be as great. i hear all the time how various mentors are soo great… i don’t know how teams would exist without these people like you. congrats for being so great and making a difference around you…another round of applause for you!

I’ve said this before in the other thread I started as soon as I received confirmation from Atlanta, but I dont see any harm in saying it again.
Congrats Paul, your an amazing friend, mentor, peer, engineer, resource, and human being. You opitimize what a FIRST mentor should be. Your a great guy, and your not to bad in the brains department either :stuck_out_tongue: . I look forward to competing with you from years to come, and working with you in the future.


Congrats Paul!! I’m glad that I got to meet you and be allied with you in Rochester. You’re a great coach/mentor and you deserve this award. Good luck and see you next year.

On behalf of Team 68, congratulations Paul!!!

Having worked with you and your team in the past, you are truly deserving of this award. Hope to see you participating for years to come!!

Team 68 - Truck Town Thunder

A long time ago when you were next to us in the pits at GLR, I wondered about a team that has a chicken with an eye patch as a mascot. Then I got to know you and found that although your color sense is a little off, you are a great guy. FIRST is a better place for everyone with Paul in the house. Congratulations, again to one person that has more energy than most anyone I know.

Congrats once again, Paul. I can’t think of anyone with more spirit for FIRST than you.

If you meant what you said about announcing @ Midwest, we’d be honored to have you…

Cheers, Marisa

Thank-you for all of your kind words. Please see this thread for my response.


hey guys
team 1266 “Devil Duckies”
wrote an essay about our teacher Mr. Acker and he won the woody flowers award in LA
it was pretty cool