WFA: Regional Woodie Flowers Award Winners

Congratulations to each and every one of the regional Woodie Flowers Award winners. You have each touched someone’s life in the midst of your mentoring, and your guidance has not gone unnoticed. We at the Unsung FIRST Heroes Committee commend your efforts!

From one regional winner to the rest, I am honored and humbled to be in such phenomonal company. Thanks to all of you from the Team 93 family for being such an inspiration to so many! The award submissions from your supporters are awesome and a testament to your impact on the lives of our young people.

Great Job!!

Sean Schuff and the N.E.W. Apple Corps Robotics Team

Congratulations to each and every Regional Award Winner! I hope you continue with many more years in FIRST, and with inspiring students each and every day!

Hre’s a picture of my Younger brother, who won the WFA in Colorado this year. I shamelessly stole it off the team website Team 1164 and cropped it. Did anyone elso notice how few photos of the WFA nominees show them looking at the camera instead of some part of the robot? :slight_smile:

His chief delphi forum ID is “rick pierce”, although he’s only posted one message.

Rick’s worked with his team for both years the team has competed. He joined them shortly after kickoff last year on my advice. He’d done battlebots before, but I think he likes FIRST more. His team members said he must have been sent from heaven, since he was so helpful to them. He simply replied “No, my brother sent me.”

Like most of us FIRST has taken a hold on Rick. He’s upgraded his workshop (soon to be housed in a new building) with welding and machining equipment to help support the team and his FIRST addiction.

Rick graduated from Michigan Tech with a BSME and has worked for the Army and Army contractors. I beleive he also finished a masters degree in business (operations research?).

I’ve e-mailed him and asked if his team could post their nomination.


Rick Pierce.jpg

Rick Pierce.jpg

Oh interesting, you would think there would be at least one woman nominated-not a one.

In any case, congrats to all.

You’re going to work to make sure that there is a woman winner this year, right?

In the past, there have been two women who won the national woodie flowers award. Kyle Hughes: and Liz Calef: