WFA: Rob Mainieri

Congratulations to Rob Mainieri of FRC 812, winner of the 2006 Woody Flowers Award!

I had the incredible pleasure of spending a few days with Rob at Sr. Mentor training last fall. Recently, I sent him an email to congratulate 812 on the Regional Chairman’s Award. He commented to me that it was kind of nice that San Diego didn’t get the same media hype that “older” FIRST regions get. Well Rob, that all gets to change now!!! In case you don’t know about Rob, here are a few links:

If you are in Atlanta now find the time to go meet Rob, thank him for his work, and get your picture taken with one of the nicest, most humble, most dedicated leaders you’ll ever meet.


Congratulations on becoming our 2006 WFA!
:cool: :cool: :cool:

Congrats to Rob Mainieri!


Congrats Rob! From what I hear your definately more then deserving of this award!

Congratulations Rob! Anyone who can top 116’s two WFFAs is truly worthy of recognition and must surely be one amazing mentor. Good luck to you and the rest of Team 812 during the rest of the competition, your Chairman’s presentation, and next year.

:smiley: Rob,
You deserve this more than anyone I know. Thank you for all you’ve done, I know the rest of the students down here are very, very proud. Have a great rest of competition, and I’ll see you back here in San Diego.

Congratulations Rob. We still have a few mentors here who remembered working with you in our team’s inaugural year. I wasn’t here at that time, but from what I’ve heard you were one heck of a sponsor, completely crazy about FIRST, and this certainly shows it. Congratulations on your achievement!

Thanks to all for the wishes of congratulations both here and in Atlanta. This has all truly been an exciting weekend!!!

I look forward to seeing you all next season or at the Team San Diego Battle at the Border (May 19-20!!!)

Hi Rob!

I have known Rob for 8 years. No one deserves this award more than he does. One of his accomplishments that was no doubt missing from this years application is that Rob was the creator of the famous Gila Dance that Team #64 did for so many years.

Congrats Rob!


Congratulations Mr. Mainieri!

You’ve done so much for our team, the San Diego region, and FIRST. The passion and commitment you’ve shown in robotics truly rubs off on everyone, and I look forward to using what you taught us in the next stages of my life.

Yeah for Rob!

Congratulations Rob.

The words from your students’ essay were inspiring to all of us.
Very, very cool.


Thanks for founding and mentoring not only Team 812, but San Diego in general… You’ve done soo much for me, and many more people whose lives you’ve touched… Mr. Mainieri lived and breathed FIRST, and sacrificed his social life for the past years to push forward his visions. I couldn’t imagine a better regional planner for the SD Regional, mentor, and teacher.

Now everyone who wants to meet Rob should go to the SAN DIEGO BATTLE AT THE BORDER. It’s May 20th, and tons of fun. :smiley:

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I’m guess he’s the one IN the WFA award, right? :wink:

Congrats Rob!
Keep up the great job you are doing out there in San Diego.

Congratulations again!
What a great CD WFA story.

SoCal FIRST is very luck to have someone like you.