WFFA eligibility for district teams attending regionals

We’re attending a regional this season for the first time since 2014. I know that district teams are ineligible for Championship qualifying awards at regional events, per this statement in the game manual: Regional Participation
District teams do not earn points for their actions at any Regionals they may attend, nor are eligible for FIRST Championship qualifying judged awards at those events. However, if a District team does earn a slot at the FIRST Championship while attending a Regional event, that slot does count as part of the total Championship allocation the District is receiving for the season.

Does this include WFFA? Or could our nominee have the opportunity to win at both our regional and district championship? A literal interpretation of the rules would lean towards being able to win at both.

Curious if I may have missed something or it’s as vague as it appears.

You are only eligible for WFFA at one event. If you are part of a district then it is the district championship. You do not have to actually attend the championship to win.

The WFFA is completely different that the rest of the First awards.

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When submitting your WFFA nomination for regional teams, you specify a single event for them to be considered at. I believe in a district system it’s handled district-wide, not per event, but I could be wrong about that. As such, I don’t believe a district team can submit their WFFA nominee at a regional.

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Thanks y’all. The kids were given the opportunity to select which district event we wanted our nominee to be read at, but had assumed that we were only attending one regional so there was no option for that. Just wanted to get them a conclusive answer.

At Districts, The WFFA is decided at the district championship, not the district. There is only one per district.

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