WFFA Question

Our team has nominated someone for Woodie Flowers this year, and we are curious about protocol.

Do you tell them you nominated them? If yes, when do you tell them.

I’m sure there will be a wide variety of answers. Thanks for the input.

Our team usually tells the mentor after the event. I still remember a few years ago when they nominated me… two of the captains had to leave the event early for some reason, and when it was all over I got a “Haha, you’re a loser! Just kidding…” email that went on to explain and provide me with a copy of the nomination.

We used to do it the same way (except without the “loser” comment) with Dean’s List, but the interview has made that… impractical :smiley:

There’s no rule that says you can’t tell them, so it’s up to you whether you choose to or not.

It would be prudent to tell them they’re nominated if they may not be planning to attend your event since you want them to be there when they win.

The one time my high school team had a WFFA winner, I’m pretty sure he didn’t even know we’d submitted a nomination, let alone who it was for. Took a few minutes to locate him and get him to the field…

I’m thinking we might do something during our Friday night team meeting - unless of course he wins :slight_smile:

When I won this award, I had no clue I had been nominated by my team.

Both a big surprise and also a very humbling experience.