What a thing to do for your country...

NFL Player Dedicated to the Army Dies in Battle…

Honestly, I don’t really see why this is any different than other people dying in the war. I’m sure many British soldiers and Spanish soldiers that have been killed have been associatied w/ a sport before joining the war.


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i hope this has not offended anyone…

Don’t sweat it, Alex.
You were not posting offensive opinions about others spiritual beliefs and such.
Patrick Tillman’s death is a worthy newstory about a great role model for the kids on the page. But that’s all that it should be about.

After reading about Pat Tillman, I have nothing but the greatest respect for him. Few people in this world will ever demonstrate the kind of positive traits he brought to those around him.

That said, the world would be a better place if Pat Tillman were still alive rather than dead. It seems odd to me that only after these exceptional people die, do we really gain an appreciation for what kind of a positive influence they were.

There are at least HUNDREDS more "Pat Tillman"s fighting in Iraq right now, who WILL die during this occupation. It’s a scary thought to know that a good number of our best and brightest young people WILL be killed over there, without having the opportunity to live out the lives, and exact REAL POSITIVE CHANGES on society. Who knows how many lives Pat Tillman could have influenced if he lived to be 100.

What a tragedy… =(

who knows how many lives he has already altered by his work on the other side of the world

and how many others will choose to following in his footsteps

I think not so much that he did this for his country, but for people in another part of the world that he felt it was his privaledge to serve and protect.

also its not that Tillman was any better than anyone else, but its clear he had nothing to gain personally by putting his sports career aside and serving humanity this way.

Some people lay down their lives for others all at once

and some lay down their lives one day at time.

Tell me something: what makes him any better than the hundreds of other people who have already lost their lives in Iraq? When this story first came out on the news, I was really upset they were putting so much attention on this one football star; just because he was a celebrity before he left, suddenly his death deserves national mourning? A soldier is a soldier, and I find it horrible that this one statistic is getting so much more attention than all the other hundreds statistics that have also lost their lives in this war. When you give something like that, whether you are a five-star general or a man living below the poverty line, you are equal in my eyes. I see this exploitation of celebrity status as nothing more than propaganda in favor of a dubious and shadowy cause.

If you want to support our troops, support all of them. Sorry if not everyone in the world is a superstar football athlete.

i hear what you are saying and i feel the same way, but i am a big football guy ilove toplay it and watch it. he did give up a 3.6 million dollar contract to go into the army to fight for our country. it is a great thing for everyone who joins and we hope they all don’t die.

It doesn’t really make him any better of a person as a soldier. He did his duty, just like any other soldier. I think it does, however, show that Pat Tillman was a better person than most professional athletes. The fact that he was willing to walk away from a multi-million dollar contract, for something he believed in, shows a greater sense of honor and dedication than you see in most professional athletes today. While I would agree that this has been greatly exaggerated by the media, it shows that there are still professional athletes with a sense of honor, duty, and committment, willing to give their lives in the service of our country… just like every member of our armed forces.

So this guy left behind a few million dollars as opposed to some other soldier who left behind say a wife and an infant child. Which was the more impressive sacrifice?

Like I said, you shouldn’t celebrate this guy’s death while ignoring everyone elses.

I’ve said all I will say on this topic.

And yet, even more tragedy :frowning: :

“It was a misunderstanding and afterward they realized that it was a mine that had exploded and there were no enemy forces.”