What about an unmanned competition?

Hey, yea, wow, bombshell with cancelled competitions, huh?

The robots are already built, and it can’t be all that hard to get them to operate from the interweb. Why can’t we have the robots shipped to an arena and have the participants participate from their schools? It wouldn’t even have to be on a weekend, it could be a few competitions at a time on a week day.

I’d say it’s worth a shot. Take 6 teams, ship the bots to one particular school, borrow a game kit and some web cams, etc. Is it foolproof? Naw, but it sounds kinda fun.

This is in stark contrast to an offseason event. This is this school year, with seniors. We’ve got a lot of smart kids and mentors to do this level of innovation.


Cool in concept for sure, but seems hard to do.

Don’t underestimate this. Developing a system like this to interface with the FMS would probably take months of development to make sure camera streams and remote control inputs can work at low enough latencies to be playable.

On top of this, what do teams do if they need to upload/test new code on the robot? What if a manipulator breaks?

This sort of thing might work if it were planned a year in advance, but I don’t think it’s possible now.


Robots get roomba-style charging docks and drive themselves onto the field.
Field gates are swinging with electromagnet interlocks.
Balls immediately rebound onto the field floor (no more human players).
Refs watch twitch stream.
Infinite sandstorm period.

Fair and balanced? No. Cool? Yes.

Alternative fun concept: twitch plays FRC




100% will result in a new world record score; whether that’s from insane coordination or insane amount of penalties, well I’ll give it a 50/50 chance


I imagine the technical side of it would be like steam streaming.

Or both

Sandstorm v2?

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First build a robot to replace the battery in the robot…

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