What about you?

I was curious to see what people do besides robotics, even though we are all FIRSTaholics we all have other things that make up who we are. I will start.

Hi, I am Marygrace and i live in Redondo Beach, California. Besides Robotics I am also involved in ROTC. I like math and want to be an astronomer when i am older. I like biking on the strand. (For those of you that don’t know it is a very very very long piece of sidewalk along the beach. Very famous to us Sourthern Californians.) and of course, I am addicted to Chief Delphi. My life long goal is to visit Australia. I want to go Down Under. LOL.

What about you?

Hi, I’m Melissa and I’m from Michigan (heh…love the crazy weather here :p) I’m involved in a lot of extracurricular activities, such as Nationals Honors Society, Symphony Band, (Marching band also), a few sports here and there (mainly various martial arts styles…some soccer…), and I tutor elementary kids in my free time. Hopefully, I’ll end up studying medicine/biotechnology. :slight_smile:

What about you?

I’m Harrison from Toronto, and along with FIRST I do lots of things: I have been an employee of the Ontario Science Centre for…jeez…coming on 3 years now. I am a hockey nut - i play and watch. Along with hockey I play baseball, I ski, I swim, and I play tennis. I can be found on AOL or MSN a lot, or playing BattleField 1942 on the net. When I’m not at the computer, or doing sports, I enjoy going to the movie with friends, hanging out, etc… I am an avid outdoors man, taking several trips up north every summer (canoeing around, hiking, etc). And of course, the cottage is the place to be :slight_smile:

What about you?

My name is Alaina (obviously) and I live in Napa, CA, about 60 miles north of San Francisco. I’m not really into sports. At school I’m into orchestra, photo, and French. My favorite subjects are science and English. I’d love to be an astronomer when I’m older, but I don’t think I’m smart enough…If not an astronomer then probably a middle or high school English teacher.

I’m not very social…On the weekends I mostly spend one day with my boyfriend and the next day doing chores, homework, pretty much getting ready for the week ahead of me.

And I’ve always wanted to go to Canada. :smiley:

Et vous?

wow… i’m dull in comparison :wink:

My name’s Albert, and besides FIRST, I’m involved in my school’s acapella guys group, singing tenor 2 and baritone, and next year i’m going to be in my school’s show choir (DownBeat). I spend my time working on websites (currently working on hrt site), crusing about the net, and chatting on aim. I play soccer when i get the chance, but I have athsma, so my capacity is limited. Same goes for when I go running.

My friends and I try and go out every saturday afternoon/evening, either watching a movie or getting dinner, or playing pool, whatever we feel like.

I used to play D&D alot before robotics started, but I haven’t picked it up again since robotics ended.

Hi, My name is The Wheelman… I mean Aaron Lussier, I’m 19, I live in wonderfully boring Nashua NH, Before FIRST I played alot of diffrebt sports trying to find my Niche: Baseball, Football, Golf, Javelin, just to name a few. There are a few things that I do when I’m not doing FIRST, those would be rock climbing… Bouldering actually Its like climbing but you dont have any ropes, bur you dont go nearly as high. I love watching movies, any type, old or new, I’m always up for a good movie. I was in Boy scouts for a good 5+ years, I got to Life scout. No job… yet, I’m working on that… umm Thats about it. If you really want to know more just PM or IM me, my AIM name is in my profile

What do you mean, “what do you do besides FIRST”?? Isn’t FIRST, life??? Oh, ok.

Hi, my name is Katie Reynolds. I’m 17 and I live in Appleton, Wisconsin - it’s kind of boring here. Besides FIRST, I mainly just work (Sears is great, right DJ?) and do homework. I used to be involved in the my school orchestra and chamber orchestra, a few quartets and the Fox Valley Youth Symphony, but I had to give that all up because I have arthritis is my wrists. Playing the cello + arthritis = no good. You can usually find me on Chief Delphi or on AIM (KatieReynolds93). If I’m not online, I’m probably hanging out with Chelly, Joey and/or Ricky or playing DDR. :smiley: Mostly, though, I’m doing FIRST stuff … for my team and for others. :slight_smile:

  • Katie

Hi, my name is Kristina. I’m a senior in HS and of course, an obsessed member of FIRST. outside that bubble, I’m in my school and church choir (Soprano I), on the literary magazine staff and supposedly in Computer club (but sorry to say I ahve no time for it). Mostly, if I’m not with robotics, I’m online talking to people from other teams and doing random dorky things as is my character to do.
Occasionally you discover that I am off line…during those times, I’m either reading, eating, playin the piano,or playing computer games such as Zork or MotoRacer…occasionally I’ll even be outside doing active things! <gasp> hah hah.
If you wanna chat…just IM me on AIM at Viertela…I’m more than willing to converse. :wink:

My name is Cory, I live in Redwood City, CA which is right between san francisco and San Jose. I like to mountain bike, golf, play tennis, rock climb, hang out with friends, chat on AIM, and I am the biggest addict of Tigerbolt ever. I like playing computer games, I like college football, baseball, hockey, and college basketball. Im probably leaving some stuff out…


My name is Kristen, and besides FIRST I hang out on the CD forum and talk to people from other teams and school friends on AIM. I run track on my school’s team, and I also ski, play tennis, and dance. I’m in afterschool choir, a board member for this youth empowerment festival that I’m missing because I’ll be at PARC (sad, lol) I also play Starcraft, go to the mall every weekend (major shopaholic :)) hang out with my friends, occasionaly read and do procrastinate homework, and generally just have fun :smiley:

I’m hoping to get a summer job this summer. I want to either be a journalist, engineer (chemical?) or a designer. The colleges that I want to go to are Virginia Tech, Columbia, or Cornell (how boring.) After college, I want to join the peace corps :smiley:

I will someday go to Rome, Paris, and Milan.

Name’s Matt n I live in the small town of Palm City, (Home of S.P.A.M.:cool: ) Free time other than Robotics, n school… I bike about 10 miles a day, swim, rollerblade, skateboard, fish, hang out with my friends & gf, talk online, write stories, write poetry, burn cd’s, camping, and um, oh yeah party and rock at concerts.
that’s my life in a nutshell.

but i’ll tell you it’s getting cramped in here.



Math team, school newspaper, brain team (quiz bowl), tiddlywinks (the founder of US tiddlywinks is my math teacher), and occasionally anime club.

Dunno what else to say cause I spend most of my time now on robotics. Um, I play sports (though stopped competitively before HS) and baseball’s in the air (quite literally).

I listen to mucho music and have seen too many movies.

Hey, my name is Mike. I am 17 and from Hammond, IN. Besides FIRST I am a member of the National Honor Society, the #1 varsity golf player for Hammond High School, and also participate on the HHS science olympiad team. In my free time I like to BMX and hang out in the summers, and then snowboard in the winter. I am a HUGE music freak, so I also listen to music almost 24/7. I also help my neighbors and family members fix computers and troubleshoot a lot of computer things. Usually you can find me on here because I have a serious addiction to the internet. I am an internetaholic, it’s because I am addicted to internetahol. In the future I hope to go to Purdue and graduate with a major in Aerospace Engineering and Design with a possible minor in Computer Engineering. I know there’s stuff here i forgot, but oh well.

IM me on AIM at MikeIsOnFYRE, im always willing to chat.

What about you?

Hi, my name is Jospeh. I used to like chatting on Tigerbolt, but that will probably change if you were on there this afternoon, but otherwise I’m still addicted to FIRST. Althoug I might have tons of posts, I don’t consider myself addicted to CD since this is part of my work on the team. I also enjoy rollercoasters of all sizes, math, Disney, history, and video games. I don’t have a gf yet, but I’m always looking. :slight_smile: I’m also 16.

Yes, I’m that intresting… :wink: :rolleyes:

Since I don’t want to do hw right now…

As the name implies, I’m Kristina and I’ll be 19 in a month. I have midwestern roots as I was born in Minnesota but I’ve lived in Southern California most of my life (and contrary to popular belief I’m not afraid of Northern Californian people, though the word hella is the worst thing ever). Majoring in political science and minoring in public policy over at UCLA and I hope to go into law or some kind of governmental job. Though its seems like I’ve slowed down extracurricularly from high school because of massive amounts of schoolwork, I still keep busy with floor government, Bruin Democrats, church, and the Student Alumni Association (like student gov but the fun stuff). Other than that I’m obsessed with football, Australia, and coffee. Oh, I also enjoy putting up with those guys in FIRST who plot against me and try to drive me insane, you know who are you are.

I’m am Melissa
Other than FIRST I am involved in Thesbians and now I currently spend 30 hours a week working at Garden Ridge. I spend lots of time on tigerbolt and AIM. Feel free to AIM me at yearbook50

My name is Stephen Rawls, 17 years old, going to Virginia Tech in August!

Outside of first, I love computers and programming. Also, I’ve been taking karate since I was six year old, and have just recently started taking kendo too. I love math more than any sane person should, and actually asked for several math books for Christmas last year. Let’s put it this way … even my parents think I’m a geek :smiley:


Hi! I’m George.

I’m 22 and a student at UCF where I major in Math Education.

In highschool, I was a center in football and a pitcher / 1st baseman in baseball. I was also on the math team and academic team.

I coach Pop Warner football and Little League baseball in addition to mentoring on team 1083. I love to read and write on all sorts of subjects, though I’m a pretty slow reader and not a very good writer. If you’re ever on campus, you’ll probably find me in the Barnes and Noble. You know the stereotype about women and shoes? Well, it’s very hard for me to leave a book store without a bag full of books. =-]

I sustain my extravagant lifestyle (Top Ramen and generic iced tea is luxurious, right?) by working at Sylvan Learning Centers as a Math / SAT Prep tutor.

Oh, and I’m a Capricorn who enjoys moonlit walks on the beach… sorry… This just started sounding like a bad dating service for a sec.

*Originally posted by George1083 *
**Oh, and I’m a Capricorn who enjoys moonlit walks on the beach… sorry… This just started sounding like a bad dating service for a sec. **

LOL :smiley:

aight: I’m Mimi, i live in grandview, a big old town with a population of…7,000. This fall im off to Ohio State…which is about 2 miles from my house, and has a population of…around 40,000. I’ve done just about every sport at some point, but now i basically just ride horses…and i might play polo for osu next year.