What advice would you give?

Hi everyone,

What advice would you give to a rookie team to do with their kit of parts just after opening it? What did you do with your kit as a rookie team just after opening it?

Please respond, everyone, I know you all have your own opinions on this :wink:

The first thing to do after opening the kit is (the team leaders) do an inventory to make sure everything is there. Then, group all the parts into motors, battery, control system / electronics, mechanical parts, tools, etc… For a rookie team especially, I think it is a good idea to mount all the control system parts on a board or something, and hook them up to a few different motors. That should get them thinking in the right mindset how a FIRST robot works.


after we do inventory and that stuff we lay out everything on 2 big tables. 2 reasons for this. Its a good way to show everyone what we have. And its easy to find things when we need them.


One thing we did last year…

We had the new people take the parts out of the box and group and label them on a couple big tables. this helped them learn what the different parts were.

We then made a board of the pnuematics (sp?) to help everyone learn how they worked and what was what.