What am I doing wrong? grrrrrrr

Hello All…

So my team(2648) just bought a new black Jaguar, and the required serial to rj12 connector.

I hooked it up to my computer, and ran the BDC-COMM program, it says “Status: Connected”

I downloaded the firmware, qs-bdc25.bin and it seemed successfull.

then I preceded to try to set the motor voltage, and the display at the bottom of the GUI says Vout 11.95. But when i connect a meter to the terminals, i get az reading of 0. Also after connecting a motor, changing the voltage again, the motor does not move.

any ideas?
Did i do something wrong.
Is tehre any documentation otner than that of whats on the luminaryMicro site?


qs-bdc24.bin isn’t the FRC CAN firmware. You should be loading BlackJaguar-91.bin from this file (accept the license agreement at the bottom to download)

Also make sure you have this version of BDC-COMM

So yea,

I got that version of the firmware, updated its firmware.
rebooted the system

set the voltage slider top max, and again red blinky light.


any other ideas?

One thing i did observe:
i got this error message once:
“unable to contact the boot loader!”

Did you make the cable yourself? If so, did you terminate it correctly? You need to make a terminator to plug into the last unused rj12 port on the jaguar. More information can be found in the Getting started guide.

You’re seeing a red blinking light when setting the motor to forward? That means the jaguar is detecting a fault somewhere. Make sure Vbus is a reasonable number, and that Limit doesn’t have a F or R in it. If there is an F or R in Limit, double-check the jumpers on the jag

Ah that was it.

I rotated both of the jumpers 90 degrees, the F and R went away and I was able to control the motor.

Thanks for your help,