What are Optimum pixy camera settings?

I am trying to use the pixy camera with a green light ring, the reflective tape shows up quite nicely when I view it through the pixymon application, however pixy cannot lock onto these targets as an object, it works well locking on to other objects(boxes cones ect).i am wondering what other teams have used to successfully view reflective tape from the pixy camera? What colored light ring? What camera settings exactly, what lense?

The Pixy will definitely work with a green ring light (we’ve seen it). It will take some experimentation to get the exposure and signature range settings where they need to be. When we calibrated to our ring light, which was quite bright, the camera brightness setting was at 26 and the signature range was around 8.

Enable the white balance once while in the ambient light you’ll be in and then disable it. Uncheck the box for automatic white balance on power-up.

We have the pixy working, I was under the impression that the pixy could only track colors, not shapes, but I’m also not a vision specialists

The Pixy is indeed a color sensor. If the object you’re targeting is the only item of that color on the field, then shape doesn’t matter. Careful ring light selection and Pixy calibration can usually ensure nothing but the retroreflective tape is targeted.

One gotcha that got us last year - The diamond plate driver’s station wall at champs was much more polished than those we encountered at district events. During one autonomous period our robot saw its own reflection in the wall and shot at itself. A code modification was the remedy.

Electroken is right on here. If you cannot track the reflected green light, but can track other objects then your exposure time is too long and the light is likely saturating the camera so it can’t differentiate the color.

For a good explanation of what is important to getting a good signature, watch Tom Bottiglieri and Jared Russel’s presentation from Champs. The tuning will be different with the Pixy, but they do a great job explaining the concepts