What are problems that FRC teams encounter?

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My FRC Team (3061) is looking for ways to help other FRC teams who do not have many resources or enough money, preventing teams from achieving their full potential. What are some problems that your team has had in the past/present that we could help solve?

Definitely scouting. We have 7 people on our team so scouting is near impossible.


Definitely information. Not only knowing whats available but also where to go for information. With so many COTS parts and MCC designs rookies can build very competitive robots but they rarely know where to find these. Another example is with CD which I feel lots of teams don’t know exists but its an excellent resource. Just my thoughts.


Programming, scouting, what materials they should buy and where, scouting, and programming.


Help them get mentors. I’m a mentor and did my first year with me and another teacher, we didn’t touch the robot. The kids did everything, we sucked and the kids didn’t have fun. This year we added mentors and helped / mentored the kids. We had a blast this year and the team learned much more than the previous year. FRC doesn’t do a good job telling new teams that mentors are the driving factor in education for FRC.


Timing and training. It’s hard as a new team to know what to teach, how much of it, and when to do so before build season starts, and once build season starts, it can be difficult to know what to focus on especially if students are lacking training.

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