What are robot reveals going to look like in 2020?

I haven’t seen anything about this on CD, but was just curious what people’s thoughts are on robot reveals this year. I thoroughly enjoy watching these every year after bag day, but considering that bag day no longer exists what will these look like this year and for years to come?

Thanks to everyone who may reply in the future!

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We haven’t done one before, but are looking to do so this year. It’ll either be shortly after the 6wk, but more likely directly before or directly after our first comp in Week 2. We’re not worried about hiding out designs or anything, but it seems like the best time to do one all else considered.

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[Team Number] (Random object that blocks the robot the whole time) <whatever auto and/or endgame its doing or just “teaser”>



Possibly the bottom edge of the robot after they’ve swapped all the drive wheels for mecanums or sprockets.


Whereas in previous years there has been a burst of reveals after stop build day, this year it will be at the conclusion of each team’s first regional.

4613 made their reveal video before bag day last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if some teams make their reveal videos before their first competition.

You mean after they’ve been swap to compliant wheels. :wink::wink::wink:.

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Possibly a lot of teasers, probs also actual reveals a lot closer to competition instead of after SBD

We plan on making our first in 2 years, and possibly the last of the team. Gotta get the bot programmed first!

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They’re gonna be spicy, and you’ll be seeing double with a lot of bots.

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I’m probably going to push for a reveal video for real, though, now that we might have time to film cool stuff with the robot. I suspect we’ll be seeing more from mid-tier teams in general that don’t really have anything to hide and high-tier teams are going to be a tossup.

the most effective reveal video I ever saw was of the Cheesy Poofs first match at the 2018 Arizona North regional. It showed everything the robot could do in real time against opponents( including the High Rollers). There is no more effective way to show what your robot can do.


I wish practice matches were also recorded and saved so we could really see the progression of 254