What are smart dashboard, shuffleboard, and phoenix tuner used for?

What are these programs used for and why?


I’m gonna preface this with “I am not a technically-inclined individual”, so you may get more in-depth answers from others.

  • Smart Dashboard and Shuffleboard are programs that let you better visualize robot status from the driver station. You can set it up to have signal panels that change when certain things (sensors, encoders, etc) when a condition is met. You can read more about it here, or by searching related terms on Chief. Elastic is another solution that’s been getting some buzz recently as well.

  • Phoenix Tuner is the software client to interface with CTRE products like the CANivore, Pigeon, and CANCoder. You can use it to analyze, configure, and update CTRE devices. You can check out the documentation here.

I see you’ve made several threads like this in an effort to learn before the season. That’s great to see! I’d recommend checking out the FRC Discord server if you haven’t yet. You’ll be able to ask questions and follow-up questions in a format that might be more efficient for you than a bunch of threads here (though these also work, and the CD community is always happy to help). Good luck!