What are some teams from your area that you thought deserved to go to Champs that did not qualify?


I’ve seen a few teams from my area (PNW) that definitely deserved to go to Champs based on both robot and team. However, something happened at DCMP that denied them of the spot. What are some of your favorite teams that aren’t going to Champs?

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Not in district or from their area but one of the teams I keep up with and played with at Bayou was 2283. They are awesome most years and I’m sad we won’t see them in Houston.

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2175 would’ve likely been a top 5 pick in their division if they would’ve qualified. They were a high captain/pick and semi-finalists at both of their events.

If only there was a qualification system that rewarded consistently high performing teams that just barely miss out on winning events!



I mean I am biased because I am on the team but team 6753 (Fim) definitely deserves to…
At our first event we had communication errors… second event went fine getting 46 points… looks like we will be the first team out for states…

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4944 built an amazing robot that would keep amazing. They definitely deserved to go. 2996 also built a great bot, and should have qualified.



108 SigmaCats. This was their first year they did extremely well and they were a really good support robot with a unique level 3 climb. They were quick on the cargo ship and had amazing defensive driving but they had no strong rocket robots on their alliance so they lost against the first seed team. Super sad to not see them compete at World’s with us.



3695 (Foximus Prime) hands down deserved a qualification. First seed at midwest, and fifth at Central IL. Their HAB 3 was incredibly reliable, their cargo intake was strong and adapted to defense very well.

Not exactly local, but I think 1732 (Hilltoppers) seriously deserved a bid as well. They’re typically a very strong team, but this year was specifically exceptional in my eyes. Their robot was well built for the game, and had an equally talented driver behind the controller. Only lost out on going to champs by one match at Wisconsin in SFs.

I also would like to mention 2169 (KING TeC). They struggled with mechanical issues at great northern, and did some redesign for Wisconsin. However, I’m always impressed by their outreach. Their initiatives are pushing for quite a bit of change and development of FTC programs, expanding robotics accessibility for anyone they can reach. I was really hoping that they could pull through at Wisconsin, but things just didn’t line up. Just like hilltoppers, they would’ve likely been one match away from qualifying. (Fun fact, they were actually on the 1st seed alliance with 1732 @ Wisconsin)

It’s really a shame to see some awesome teams come so close and barely miss out, but I’m sure they’re all working on some great plans for next season!



6753 had one of the most consistent and fastest lvl 3 climbs. And placed cargo very well with defense. A shame that so many good teams are going to get cut out.



A bit off from the topic, but here are a few personal teams that I’m very disappointed won’t be going to champs.

And then my own team as well

You all can have your own opinions for this prompt, but I do not see how anyone can argue that regional areas do not have a much larger problem than district areas



Yeah… The problem with Michigan is there are 500+ teams… so every year teams will get cut that deserve to go…



5940 had a really neat robot, but it looks like they had a ton of issues with reliability.



The OP’s team, 2522, had a great season and was one of only a handful of PNW teams that was able to fill a rocket by themselves. They are also a class act. It’s unfortunate that they didn’t qualify this year.



Sadly Israel has plenty of these every year, this year even more than last year since we have less slots.

7039 XO and 3316 D-bug had very similar designs, with a cargo intake that takes the cargo through the elevator, and then a cargo gripper on its other side that would then grab the cargo. 7039 had some really solid performance for a second year team and 3316 were great as they are every year, but somehow neither qualified. Honestly i’m really surprised no one at DCMP picked 3316, they were much better picks than some of the robots that did get second picked in my opinion.

While Phoenix 5654 didn’t go for the rocket this year, they did pull off very well what they aim to do every year- a small team of only 10-20 people, they build to their limits, and this year they pulled off a really great ramp bot (that actually worked) that could also score in the cargo ship. The design was really creative and it’s quite a shame they didn’t make it, though they prove themselves as always to be brilliant strategists.

They weren’t really expected to qualify, but i was really really hoping G3 6740 would. Their robot didn’t do much for scoring, but it was by far the best defense robot in Israel, possibly even in the world. People were genuinely terrified of them. In ISR District #4 quarterfinals they more or less single-handedly got their 8th alliance a tie breaker in the quarters, up against 1690 and 2630. Seeing this kinda defense in Detroit would really make things interesting, but i guess it wasn’t meant to be.

6738 is possibly the weirdest of the bunch as for why they won’t be at Detroit. They managed to build a fairly minimalist and reliable four-bar arm cargo ship robot this year, and before you know it they’re head of the finalist alliance at DCMP. They were 1 slot away from qualifying when Trigon 5990, a team from the winning alliance, gave up on their slot for religious reasons- most of the championship takes place during Passover, so the team (coming from a religious school) decided not to fly. Unfortunately, 6738 are also a religious team and decided also not to make the trip. Instead, 2231 OnyxTronyx will be taking the slot.



5085 Lakerbots
2733 Pigmice
2522 Royal Robotics
I was very surprised to see these teams not make it but I also don’t know who I would replace them with, There are a lot of great PNW teams going to worlds this year

edit: Pigmice got a lottery slot to CMP :smiley:



IMO all teams should get to go to champs.
Champs is a great oppurtunity for everyone to grow and learn, especially to network with other teams from other areas that no one would normally meet.



167 / 7021 / 3061. Those of us in attendance at Seven Rivers thought they had won the semifinals and qualified for champs on wildcards after the scores for match 3 went up on the screen and robots were placed on the field for the finals. An arena fault was announced, and a replay of match 3 produced the opposite result.

167 had a great event at Seven Rivers. They were good scorers, and our team had a great time partner scouting with them. They are a really great group of hard working kids. They made the finals as a 2nd pick in week 2 (after beating the #1 alliance four times including arena faults) and improved a lot between events to become an alliance captain at Seven Rivers.

7021 is a great up and coming team. They did many hours of drive practice between their week 4 and week 6 events, and it showed. They were looking great at Seven Rivers. They already had a fast/reliable L3 climb at Iowa, and they made their game piece scoring significantly faster and more consistent for Seven Rivers.

3061 was a really good hatch specialist with a L2 climb, and on defense they made life difficult for the opposing teams, including us. They’re a dream pick for Round 2 of the alliance selection. If we were picking a defense bot, this would be our easy first choice, but we knew 167 would select them given that we had the same scouting data.

All of these teams would improve the quality of competition in a championship division. I wish I could flip a switch and give them invitations.






imo, i really think 1493, Albany Falcons should. It shows them with the wildcard but TBA doesnt show Worlds. https://www.thebluealliance.com/team/1493



There isn’t anything stopping them. There are even two or three teams I have heard of that go every year whether or not they are competing to got talk to powerhouse teams and learn about their mechanisms. You don’t have to compete to have fun there.



1405- Solid Robot, advancing driveteam, hab 3 climb, 35-39 solo points per match.