What are some teams that you are glad qualified for Champs?

I thought I’d make a thread opposite of my other one. What are some teams you’re glad to see at Champs this year?

I’ll nominate 7461, the Binary Circles. Their students have worked extremely hard to qualify through Rookie All-Stars at PNW DCMP, and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Despite not qualifying via points for DCMP, they still showed up with a fantastic presentation to compete for RAS.


For a more appropriate answer, 3750 after not qualifying last year. They had one of my favorite robots in the state last year, and it’s so cool to see them crushing the competition up here this year. Can’t wait to watch them at champs!

  1. Even though I’m not going to Houston, I think some people will enjoy seeing them at worlds for their last time.

I’m also glad that 125 qualified for worlds in two different ways (through Chairmans AND robot performance). I truly think of them as a model team.


2539–best robot they’ve ever built, and they’ve got a shot at a world title this year. Looking forward to seeing what they can do in Detroit.


I first saw 7417 (Bionic Bombers) at Central IL when I was scouting in the pits. I didn’t get the chance to talk to them at first, but I saw that they were rookies and planned to visit them later. One of my best friends on our team was tasked with talking to the rookie teams so we could give our own version of the RAS award, the “great launch” award.

She went on to tell me about their outreach efforts, team dynamic, and some other stuff about where they’re from. Honestly, I’m still blown away by how well composed they are as a rookie team. Seriously, this team is a whole group of… all stars :wink: Or at least the judges at Wisconsin thought so. I got to catch up with them here despite not competing at the regional, and their team was a prime example of GP. In fact, I believe I heard a story of them writing a thank you card for a team they borrowed something from? That’s just awesome.

Their robot performance was also above par for your typical rookies as well. As another team who scouted them at Wisconsin informed me, their cargo placement ranked quite well overall. Sadly, they didn’t move into playoffs, but that didn’t matter for these bomb rookies.

A serious congrats to 7417 on a well deserved qualification, you all deserve it. I can’t wait to see you in Detroit next week!

1076. They’ve been around for a long time, but the past few years they’ve been on an upswing. Last year they went to Champs off the wait list, but this is the first year they’ve qualified for Champs through competition since they won GLR in 2007 (back when they were 1015).

4680. Already a local powerhouse for several years running, this year they became the first ever team from the City of Detroit to seed #1 overall and win a District Event or Regional. They went to Champs on wait list (I believe) last year, but this is the first year they’ve qualified through competition. I think they have a great future ahead of them!


5190, 2655, 1533: amazing overall robots, very fast cycles (Einstein contenders)
4561: got quite unlucky in elims after winning Wake County, high-quality team and robot
3737: amazing, under-appreciated hatch mechanism (probably best in NC)
2682: great team and robot, unfortunately didn’t get picked at NCCMP, but qualified off a well-deserved Chairman’s win

glad to see 233 finally make it back after getting to the Carson finals in 2016! Excited to see how 7179 does again!




On the PNW side, 2412. They were able to just barely squeak in to the PNW contingent in Houston this year, but look out for them. They’ve always made competitive robots, but this year they jumped up a few rungs on the competitive ladder. They are the real deal, and have qualified for Champs for the first time ever.


1421 Team Chaos, they were great competition in Rocket City, and then even better at Bayou. They won Bayou and I was super excited for them because they could compete alongside us at Worlds. So much fun to play with and against, and they have the best level 3 climb with their robot belly flop.


Im honestly really glad to see my team, 5943, go to Champs.
This year the team finally pulled themselves together and got stuff done. We were organized and worked hard on everything, something we never really did in the past. We may not be going for robot performance, but we are going because of the hard work and effort we made this year. We never expected to win EI (or GP for that matter), but I’m damn glad we did. It’s the encouragement we needed to keep going with the same drive for years to come.

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  1. They’ve had a rough season but incredible determination to see their vision for a robot through. Been working with them for five years now (since my team started them in '14-'15) and damn proud of them for being the first team in our city to take a banner. Was an honor getting to play against our sister team in the finals at SFR this year.

2998 VikingBots
2998 came into this year with a simple yet effective everybot, and excelled at using it. They used their everybot design to its full potential, becoming one of the fastest cyclers in CHS this year (and having an impressive and consistent lvl 2 yeet climb), and making their debut into the district championship event. In fact, the first time that they had ever made elims was 2018, where they were eliminated in quarters at their second district event. This year, they were quarterfinalists at their first event, semifinalists at their second, and finalists and our first pick at the CHS district championship event.


Team 5926. We had a great time with them at states with their amazing D. Go Da MOOse

yep, 829.

and 1024. and 7457.


2549 and 2883, in addition to the aforementioned 3750.

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177 Bobcats. They are a really fun team and they have a fantastic and competitive robot. They got really unlucky at DCMP with their matches. They got in barely because of the lovely district point system. Glad they got in to champs and they deserve to be there based on how they perform individually.


I’m glad to see so many Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas teams going this year. (Thanks for going to districts, Texas!)

TLDR: I’m glad to see everyone I’ve ever worked with who I noticed is going, going.

I’m personally pleased to see every team which qualified at Rock City punching that ticket: 3039 is always competitive (champion captain AND EI this year), 2992 has been doing great the past few years, 2080 is a seriously class act. 3937 always gives good value (though they’re a bit vulnerable to defense this year), and 4087 Ben Franklin Falcons put together a solid entry this year. 7767 had the most awesome rookie robot I’ve ever laid hands on, or even eyes on at a regional (I did part of their inspection), and I’ll be watching them for years to come. TAUBATEXAS 7459 from Brazil, who won Rookie All Star, was my “inspection project,” and I fell in love with their spirit and attitude, and they put together a rather solid rookie robot as well, especially when you realize that they didn’t even own a pair of wire strippers, and I can only guess what other tools they made do without. 7459 is definitely on my list to track.

From Rocket City (which I did not attend), 364 Fusion is always awesome, and I’m always glad to see them go to CMP. I don’t think I’d seen 4013 Clockwork Mania (from Florida) until Bayou, but another class act, and #16 Bomb Squad, though I didn’t see them live, I know that they are always CMP quality.

From Bayou, 4013, 364, 2992, and 3039 all “re-qualified”. I’ve always liked 1421 Chaos 'cause the people are so awesome (I work and have worked with quite a few of their mentors) and of course 3991 Knight Vision (As an Episcopalian in the same diocese, I was predisposed to like them, and they’ve exceeded my expectations.) It was awesome hosting 6025 Adroit Androids, and chatting with them right from the loading line Wednesday evening as 3946 provided a trailer for their load-in, and they were great to work with as well. A shout out to 7661 SciHiNautili; I wished I’d noticed them more. Finally, I am certainly glad that 3946, my old team qualified on a wild card. This is the first trip to CMP for all of the students, and most of the mentors; I hope they get as much out of it as the 2015 team did for 2016 and 2017.

And finally, a shout out to 3339, Team Bumblebee! I’ll always be a fan because of 2015.


1807 - Breakout team of the year in FMA. They’ve been good before, but this year was a whole different level compared to anything they’ve built in the past. Absolutely tremendous robot in terms of putting up huge volumes of game pieces and a HAB3 climb. It was no mistake that they picked 1st, 1st, 2nd, and 2nd (#1 alliance after a decline) at their 4 events this year.

5401 - Class act team that has one heck of a robot this year. Had a bit of a rough go of it on the robot front in 2018, but getting back to Champs in 2019 should set them up to continue their streak of being selected for the playoffs in every one of their trips to Championship (albeit in 2016 was as a back-up bot). They should have been picked far earlier than they were at FMA DCMP, and I expect they’ll be an early selection on whatever field they end up on. Capable of completing a rocket solo in their best matches, and generally a really good scoring machine that will do well as a secondary scorer on an alliance.