What are some teams that you are glad qualified for Champs?


I’m really glad to see 4970 go this year. I believe this is only their 2nd year going (after 2017), and they’re a fantastic team. Well deserved. Also very happy that 85 qualified. They played great this year, and had a few unlucky early exits in elims. Happy that they’re gonna be able to compete in Detroit.

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Thanks. This means a lot coming from such a well respected team.



I’m glad my own team qualified. We’ve been building up to this since 2017. Our graduating students who’ve been working hard these past few years will get to experience champs as students. Which is pretty hype!



2702 Rebels did a great job this year and very happy that you will be present and helping to represent Ontario at Worlds! Give yourselves a big pat on the back. Also, I didn’t realize that you were a community-based team, I’m glad I looked at your site to know a bit more about the team.

Congratulations and cheers to the whole team! :beers:



Thanks! We look forwards to representing Ontario as best we can.

And yes, we are also a community team since 2017. We feel we have a greater impact this way. We reach a greater number of students who otherwise would not be able to participate in FRC.

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My vote would be for 1410 from Colorado.

They built an amazing bot this year as a non-powerhouse team, and ended up qualifying twice which is really awesome and inspiring to see (wildcard @ OKC, winner @ Colorado). I’m looking forward to seeing how their program keeps growing in the years to come as well as how they perform at champs this weekend; no doubt they’ll be a captain or first pick in their division.

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I would have to say 7491-Cyber Soldiers out of Michigan. Despite being a rookie team, their bot is very impressive, and they can cycle cargo and hatch panels consistently. They have been finalists twice in districts, and in one memorable quals match at the Marysville they managed to pull of a win with an alliance of two other rookie teams who could only defend. I expect them to be one of those teams who consistently performs well in the coming years.

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  1. The robot they built is the best they’ve made in years, they will represent Indiana well with their stellar Chairman’s work, and they’re due for a big BIG win.


Seconded, I was talking to their drive coach before awards and was shocked by how close they cut it. A seriously great robot that 100% deserved to make it

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Definitely glad that 223 made it. After their performance in their last few qual matches at FMA Champs their robot proved worthy of Detroit. Too bad they didn’t get picked there.



Seconded :slight_smile: 829 built a great bot this year.

461 also built what I think is their best robot ever. It’s really good.

I guess I’ll also say us. 3rd in our district in a “rebuild” year after losing a lot of great seniors? Surprised to say the least.



I am glad that 7651 (The Bethlehem Eagles Eagles) made it. It is always impressive for a rookie to make championships by being on the winning alliance. It also helps gives the Upstate New York region some more teams in Detroit (along with 20, 250, and 2791 to name a few).



I’m glad to see 4525 and 5672 qualify for worlds as Chairman winners. Both of these teams have amazing outreach. 4525 also has a chance to win chairman’s at worlds.



I forgot to mention - my previous team 4329! They qualified off of Chairman’s but their robot is very solid. They have a consistent level 3 climb and re-did their Cargo mechanism for worlds to use an active intake roller. @z4t143 could probably hook us up with their latest practice video :slight_smile:

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Thank you! The drive team for 2998 really enjoyed being on your alliance!



694 StuyPulse. First 2 events they were #2 alliance captain. Both times, finalists. Luckily they had NYC and clutched their win there. I’m happy to see them qualify with their amazing “succyboi” (suction cup)



4096 hands down. great team, great people, and got there on EI, but have an incredibly strong bot that gave us a hard run.
also 5847, our alliance partners. we may have only gotten to finals (they qualified on chairmans) but again another strong bot that fought hard and fought well.



Yeah I can agree with that. Having played against with and against them at TVR, I pretty glad that they were able to make it.



223 Xtream Heat had the 5th highest average cycles (7.25), came off lvl 2 and could get back on, filled a rocket on their own, and was on an upward trend but still went unpicked (along with alot of other good cyclers) at FMA DCMP. Thankfully they qualified for worlds by wait list and I would not be surprised if they got picked later first round in their division. Also happy to see 1218, 2539 (probably their best season so far), and 2559.




after a complete blue banner drought for their entire existence they were like “hey let’s just win three blue banners in a row this year”