What are the buttons for a ps3 controller?

We are using a ps3 controller and we’re not sure how exactly to use the left buttons. For example, we know that there is a button called “2” so we can do leftJoystick.getRawButtonPressed(2)), but on the left of the controller is a button thing without numbers?

I could be wrong, but this might help you find what axis/buttons to read. It’s worked for me in other projects in the past.


If it’s anything like xbox 360 controllers, those inputs are the “POV” axes, which return a “direction”, really just a different number (angle) for each of the 8 directions. WPILib has a class to handle turning them into buttons.

My advice, plug it into a driver station, check the USB tab. Press buttons and count which button is which number.
Will also show what is a POV, axis, or button.


To add on to this, once you’ve done that, it would behoove you to make a ‘map’ of sorts to give to your programming team for the rest of time, until/unless you change controllers.


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