What are the good shooter kits available?

Hi, do any of you guys know where I can find shooter kits for my team?

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This is probably the best(if not the only) shooter kit you can buy. It appears to be back ordered now, but it is a very simple design and you can probably replicate it decently well if you want.

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Huh, neat.

Even with the backorder, ours was shipped within a day or so of order. We’re trying it out for the first time this season to streamline machining time a bit. I don’t know of anything else I’d classify as a COTS launching system.

Thanks guys

Huh it seems like greyt shooter is at least somewhat well liked…wonder why


Thanks for the endorsement everyone!


Can confirm, we had 2815 cut side plates for both them and us on their X-Carve out of thicker HDPE (in our favorite raw form, the Sam’s Club cutting board) to the Greyt drawings. Heavier, but it was effective enough to be a production part on their robot. (We punted mid-season and went to low goal.)