What are the ways that your team is coping with the suspension of the season?

Would love to hear how everyone is doing with the dreadful news. Does your team still meet? Etc.

We are a 4H team and they have said NO face to face meetings :cry:


We have virtual meetings because you can’t hold meetings with more than 10 people and our school is closed

Just memes on slack. We were about to go on spring break when the season canceled. Since we had just disassembled after the Arkansas regional for improvements for Heartland we would have had build time during break but the season was canceled. Then we though about having a game meeting and then everything hit hard. No events at the school now, so online chat is all we have.

Some of us mentors are talking about tooling improvements for next year, I am donating an old electric smoker to be retrofitted as a powder coat drying oven. Other than that we don’t have much going on.

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We have a few students who are really taking advantage of their extended spring break.

We have a few students working together (virtually via Onshape) to sharpen their cad skills.

We also have a few students that are working on designing a new swerve module (again via Onshape), continuing our team’s swerve project.

While the suspension of the season is sad, it’s exciting to see some of our students continuing to design and innovate through their extended spring break.

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Please don’t hold face to face meetings right now. Robotics will be waiting for us once this passes.


Well, we have decided to suspend any face to face meetings until school starts again. So most of us are just trying to find solo projects to work on. I’ve got a friend who lives less than a block away, so I’ve been over to her house a few times to work on a circuit board project.

I’ve also been trying to teach my little brother how to code, since he will start Lego League next year.

As of the past few days I’ve been trying to learn some more advanced programming.

Also eating lots of ice cream to block out depression XD

Playing the FRC simulator 8 hours a day…


Since it’s been sunny this week for once, I’ve been doing work outside and I’ve been walking ouside a lot. I mean when is it ever this sunny in a week in the Seattle area when it’s not July, August, or half of september?

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Racking up over 600 points on the simulator?

Same here! We are doing meetings over Zoom now.

This is literally upstate New York.

We’re 4-H also. Taking advantage of the time to do some remote CAD training and planning some jackbox game nights over google hangouts. Things have definitely slowed but it’s a great opportunity to teach people some stuff.

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Basically we had good momentum…then a screaming halt. But we did get our week two comp in and had the every two years STEM night at the school a few days later. We made a number of good contacts, have some new recruits on board for next season.

But once we get to meet again…a few sessions while school is on (?) to introduce newbies to last year’s machine and the team. We are planning a two phase summer program. Newbies and first year members for a sort of boot camp that we hope will help get a team in the next town over also up and running. cap of 15, a week of afternoons covering basics then “robot in five half days” for a made up game using a KoP base.

We also held back money for off season projects, and I expect our design/build kids to try out a new drive train. Heck, they might be doing the CAD already but I’m trying not to bother them yet. I figure in another week they’ll be good and bored!


It will be best to stay at home, communication takes place via Skype.
Take care everyone.

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Redoing our cad again and again…

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