What Are the Women Up To?

Does your team have enough young women on it to take part in the 2nd Annual All-Womens’ Tournament? How many of you OCCRA teams are planning to field an all-female team? There’s only 5 weeks to go: if females are under-represented on your team, now is the time to start recruiting! The young women do not have to build an entire robot: just rework the OCCRA robot to play the same game but with 6 to 8" balls (instead of 10") Soon you’ll be receiving the registration packet. Will Lake Orion and Birmingham Groves return to defend their championship? Some of the new OCCRA teams like Brother Rice and Hazel Park appear to have strong female representation: we could have a pretty competitive tournament on December 7th!

Pontiac Central will have a team of young women to compete. We have a great driver, effector operator and a very adaptable robot for the game.

Come’on all you other OCCRA teams start allowing the girls to drive because …“girls just wanna have fun”.

We have a leg up on the competition- we already have a female driver and human player.

I think we will be fielding a team this year.

Fingers Crossed…

OTC-NW has a fleet of willing women standing by to compete in the female tournament as well.