what are Ubertubes

i was reading the game rules for the manuals for the competeition and i came across this word in rule <G16>::rtm:: ; Ubertubes, what does that mean? help would be apreaciated. Ny the way the rule said UBERTUBES may not be HUNG

Check your glossary. They are the yellow tubes.

To explicate what GGCO has said, they are the Yellow Tubes meant to be hung during the autonomous period of the game and are worth extra points.

And the glossary is found in Section 1 of the Game Manual.

Uber is german for super I think. Who knew knowing such a word would mean anything in FIRST?

Ubertubes: Tubes that can only be hung during autonomous period. Hanging them on the top row gives more points than the bottom. Also, they double the score if another regular tube is placed on the same peg. Probably named uber tubes because they have the power to increase point value.

Uber is actually “Ueber” - the ‘e’ after the U is placed there instead of the two dots on top (Umlaut) when typing on an English language keyboard.

**Über **is how it is really spelled

It literally means “over” as in something that above another thing, either physically above, or above socially, or hierarchically.

In common English usage it can be compared to “super”.

Oh the Team Fortress medic jokes that will ensue…

On topic, Uber is a cognate of the Latin word for super and Greek word for the prefix hyper, hence the varying usage. It’s not really a word in english, at least I don’t believe so.