What are we going to call the yellow powder?

You obviously haven’t practices enough then.


seeing that, I’d have to vote for pollen


We have been calling it lemon zest ever since we first spun up our shooter :joy:

(We are using white wheels)

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That’s what we called it.

A mentor of ours suggested ballen.


We called it Bee Sneeze, but one of our members suggested it looks like ground up rubber ducks…one of our gracious rivals’ mascots…that they stacked our pit with at Worlds last year. Thanks Saints Robotics!


We’ve just been calling it ball dust, but I’m all on board for lemon zest.

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Our robot is going to be called the cheese grater for obvious reasons

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“Pixie dust”

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Ours were leaving yellow streaking on the poly they loosely passed by in our prototype hood - the lemon zest is inevitable I expect.

I’m surprised no ones been calling it Cheeto dust

  • Cheeto Dust
  • Lemon Zest
  • Space Dust
  • Star Dust

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wait wheres the pollen option? :thinking: or ballen :joy:

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  • Lemon Zest
  • Pollen
  • Pixie Dust
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Yellow cake
  • Ballen
  • Power Pollen

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Named our robot after this lol. I think this will naturally occur over time, with some robots more than others. Might have something to do with wheel texture, compression, shooter RPM, etc. I call it lemon zest lol.

Cheeto dust is orange :smile:
Cheeto dust has been officially named Cheetle.

Where’s the vote for more than one option???

HMMMmmmmm… I don’t want to fill this thread with a bunch of polls though. :joy:

Heck, I remember back in 2006 when robot mechanisms would take small chunks out of the balls and no one ever called them on it.

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We’re also developing orange powder that is coming off the polybelts, and we’re calling it orange zest to go along the lemon zest.