What are with the Ls in Kevin's code??!!! HELP!!!

what are with the "L"s in Kevin’s code?
For example,

in Reset_Gyro_Angle,

gyro_angle = 0L;



int cmd_velocity(void)
    // ...
mrad_per_sec = (mm_per_sec * 1000L) / WHEEL_RADIUS;
    // ...

what are they?
why are they there?
where are they defined?

i’m wondering also because our gyro does not work.
see this thread for more gyro details: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33786

thank you for any help in advance!!

~Stephanie :ahh:
Team 1351

The L (i.e. 97L) means that the value (97) should be stored as a Long, instead of whatever they system default is. (Word, in this case.)

ah, thank you!