What are you all using to hold down your control systems?

Help please…

Team #2495 of Hamilton West is using plexy glass and wood to mount our control system

Were using Lexan to mount it…is it okay to drill through it and zip-tie the wires down?

If the “it” you want to drill through refers to the Lexan, sure.

If “it” refers to the robot controller or any other electrical system component, definitely not. :yikes:

We don’t have ours quite finished yet, but when we do i’m sure Rachel will be on here with pictures… Last year ours was simply plywood, screws and zip-ties - very functional, but not very attractive. This year, it’s something else entirely :yikes:

We use Lexan on the bottom to bolt everything to. It is very easy to drill through and light weight. We also make our battery case and air cylinders housing out of lexan.

Perforated PVC and zip ties. Makes it very easy to swap out components (and faster to put together the board in the first place). Well, I say it makes it easy, but the final board hasn’t been built yet. However, the temporary testing board is made from pegboard, which is similar; actually, the pegboard is probably harder to work with than the PVC since it has fewer holes per inch.

We’ve done plywood, polycarbonate (Lexan), and acrylic (Plexiglas) electrical boards before… acrylic loves to shatter, plywood is kind of heavy (we don’t use the really thin plywood, which I imagine is significantly lighter), and polycarbonate can get kind of expensive. Acrylic and polycarb require you to drill holes (<- a big issue with thin acrylic) and mess with those tiny nuts; plywood can just use wood screws (although we usually use bolts for that too).

We use a lexan box with another piece of lexan mounted vertically on one side. Two big holes in the main box for joysticks and the OI itself mount on the piece sticking out the side.

this year our programmers are making a new one complete with switches, LEDs, and cathodes. They aren’t letting out anything more than that until it’s done.

a smart thing to do is put velcro on the bottom to make sure it stays. Not sure which side of the velcro is on the shelf where you put your OI. It says in the rules somewhere but I can’t seem to find it

Perforated Aluminum + zip-ties. We are being very careful with every connection in case crimps or zip-ties fail.


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