What are you doing for Dean's Homework?

For the 2008 Dean’s homework of contacting the media, my team wants to invite many of the presidential candidates to the Florida Regional and the Georgia championship. Since the candidates aren’t actually the press, but get a lot of press coverage, it is sort of indirectly contacting the press.

What are your teams doing for Dean’s Homework???

You’re just turning in last year’s late…:smiley:

I don’t know what my team is doing about the homework.

Good idea. In fact, for the Kickoff in Manchester (the weekend just before the NH Primaries) the candidates were invited to attend. Rudy Giuliani showed up. The press followed.

1923 is as yet unsure of what we’re doing, but I’d like to get the school behind us to encourage students who aren’t on the team to go (spectator bus anyone?). Our school has amazing spirit when it comes to sports, and hopefully we can transfer that over to FIRST.


ROFL, very honest, I’ll give you that.

Anyway, I was just sitting here preparing a letter of some sort to send into our media outlets. I know the papers wil cover us. I’m just stuck trying to figure out all the Cleveland area teams and if they’re doing any stations yet. Don’t want to overstep.

I love the idea, and although eric is right, it’ll still work, as for us I’ve thought of just inviting everyone we can…our school, our community, I’m not sure. Maybe flyers? who knows haven’t spent much time doing anything other than building robots

We’re a bit of a small team so it’s rather hard to do all of the other things involved in FIRST, so I won’t lie about it. In reality, we aren’t really doing anything yet. Possibly once the robot is done we’ll be able to shift students currently tied up in building it into other non-robot oriented tasks, such as the homework.

This is what we’ve been up to. :slight_smile:

For my Technical Composition course, our main project is to write a proposal.

Mine is to local news stations to help publicize FIRST!

(who knew an english project could be so easy?:stuck_out_tongue:

I just disagree with Dean’s idea that Robotics should one day become a sport…

Besides, I could find more useful ways to waste time…

woah woah woah, I also don’t agree with Dean about robotics becoming a “sport” but if you call FIRST or spreading the message of FIRST a useless way to waste time, then this is definitely not for you. The whole point of FIRST is for kids to get something out of it, and if you feel that you’re not getting anything out of it, then don’t comment on it at all. I’m sure a lot of ppl can agree with me on this.

Absolutely. If you’ve got a problem, shush and go sit in your corner. [/sarcasm]

Really though, fact is we don’t like hearing negatives about robotics here. We also like to try to guide others in how to benefit and help others benefit from the FIRST experience.

I too have no interest in putting the media and FIRST under the same bed cover. When the season is over, it’ll be time for me to get back to doing my college homework and solar car team.

sadly, all opportunites of last year’s homework just came to us this year.

An (ex-)minister just came to visit our school, and we presented our robotics project, along with last year’s robot.

But we’re trying our best to find ideal places and moments to capture the attention of the media.

Sadly, in our community in Hertzliya, there’s a little problem involving the fact our school moved from Tel Aviv to the school compound in Hertzliya, and that local newspaper were not short on negative thoughts about us coming in and “taking” part of the Junior High School next to us (in terms of locationing).
Plus a few more cases such as an “accident” in the lab building that is used by the 3 schools (us, the J.high school and another high school), where it was told that “3 teachers from Handasaim High School have had an accident in the chemical lab and one of the teachers suffered a sirious chemical radiation”.
In the end, it was figured that some chemical contents that were transferd to the building were opened by the J.High school’s teachers and they figured out that some “dangerous” chemical compnent has spilled in one of the carton boxes…

So in short, we’re unlikly to be able to do any media work this year, but we’re trying to do our best.

Well Last year my team was able to promote FIRST to official figures pretty easily. We met with Knesset (Parliament) Members and our city mayor.

This time it seems like we need to be really special to get media’s attention…

We’ve been bringing kids to competitions with us all the time. We got a Grant so we could expand our Facilities at least 3 to 4 times, allowing multiple teams within our school.

Considering we’re an all senior team, most of the team has a lot of other things to deal with on top of the robotics season.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be as harsh as I was when I made the “Waste of time” comment.

We actually do many presentations for people

Thanks for all of your input!!! I will use it all!