What are you going to do with your SPARK MAX stickers?

The Spark Max controllers come with some odd stickers. Instead of just a logo, or something else, it is literally an image of the top of the controller. What is your team planning on doing with these stickers?

While we don’t exactly plan on doing this, they’re useful for quickly conceptualizing electronics board layouts. Personally, I’d like to have some NEO stickers; they’re easily the spiffiest motors that have ever been legal.

This is exactly why we provide them. We did the same thing with the original SPARK and decided to carry that forward with the MAX.

We are always open to new sticker ideas, so maybe you will see some NEO stickers in the near future.


I thought it looked really neat so I stuck it on my laptop :+1:t3:


Greg, speaking of stickers, do you guys have any REV stickers (even just a simple logo) laying around? I’m already planning to hand out some TBA stickers at the various events I’m going to (all northeast, including your alma mater :slight_smile: ), and would gladly hand out some REV stickers as well!

I would LOVE a Neo sticker. Something like a black dot that just says NEO in the middle.