What are you guys doing during school closures?

Santa Clara County (ie the south bay area) just announced they’re closing all public schools for three weeks effective Monday. Naturally this means no robotics meetings at schools. My plan (as the student software lead) is to hold some software department meetings at my house to chill out and work on some early offseason projects. I’m also going to personally work on some administrative things and write up some tech guides and the like. How are those of you with school closures handling the situation?


We’ve moved all of our stuff to our practice field and have found a shop whose very generously letting us use their machines. We’re continuing to finish our comp bot in case we are able to go to any offseason or official events in the summer and fall.

We’re going to try and do some online cad training and maybe get our robot out of our workshop to do a reveal if the district lets us in to get some stuff.

We were at CVR when the news was announced so we just took all the stuff that would have made up the pit to my garage instead where we are currently holding meetings

First, we’re going to take a bit of a break. This season was pretty rough for both the students and mentors on the team (still haven’t managed to get our robot fully running).

I’ll personally be using the time to figure out what we need to do differently for the future to help our team be more successful. Perfect opportunity for us to work on implementing things we’ve been talking about since I was on the team as a student.


We’re closed for at least two weeks. The team is starting to transition CAD to OnShape, and working on code and design prep for off-season swerve. Personally I’m going rock climbing. :sunglasses:


I don’t believe we have officially shut down past sprint break yet but we likely will. Luckily, our robot and tools are off campus, but it’s unclear if/when we will be able to access them. With any luck, we will attend a few local scrimmages that have been discussed.
I’m also working on some cad projects I’ve been meaning to do and dedicating more time to preparing the FLL Jr. team I mentor for FLL next year.


I’m probably going to be taking a spare chassis-only robot home with me to facilitate training stuff. What kinds of software exercises would y’all recommend with a chassis?

Same here! San Diego area, San Dieguito schools (so FRC teams 2102, 3128, 3647 and 5514 in robot-speak). Our workshops are unavailable, can’t even meet after school today.

No classes for at least week 1 - no idea after that.

Our student leadership is offering online help for various classes (Seniors tutoring Juniors, etc.). Mech is doing some virtual classes on OnShape (we may be moving from Solidworks)
I teach the new Laser - will be looking at a new software program.
Students have asked for a cad-a-thon

I don’t think we will be bored.

I am EXTREMELY proud of our students - they were on site at San Diego Regional when it shut down, and handled it very graciously. 5514 students stayed most of the day to help take down the field.


We’ve moved important items out of our school and into a mentor’s garage. From there, we don’t know much of what will happen, but we plan to improve our robot throughout the offseason

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All our stuff is locked up at school, but we have a key if we decide we want to break in. Programming still goes strong, but everything else has come to a screeching halt. There’s no way to test our code.
For the team, at least within programming, we’re going to discuss passing on knowledge because we’re losing 3 seniors off programming and the next in line are a sophomore and two freshmen, and we don’t really have a programming mentor.
That’ll keep me busy apart from a slew of AP classes…

We are taking a short break from the physical bot and we are working on CAD for side projects.

Some of these might go into an offseason bot if we get the chance, others are for general team items like carts and a new pit, and others still are just for fun.

We are also thinking of doing some programming work.

Right now my team has decided not to meet just because of the situation and caution, so while this is happening I’m working on writing down all my advice and tips and tricks and everything for programming and our experiences of chairmans.

Hopefully we will be in soon, and if we are, be working on junk. Maybe make an office-chairbot?

Ill be trying to learn solidworks and maybe mastercam over the break

Our campus closed down today (All public schools in Louisiana are closed until April 13th. Our buildspace is on campus so we won’t be able to do much with our robot.

Our team is part of Massachusetts 4H, and MA 4H has cancelled all 4H activities until further notice :frowning:

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We’re going to take a break. The CAD night get polished up, but I don’t think much more than that will happen.

Our school district has suspending any school related practices or competition till April, so there is not much for us to do other than to clean up the buildroom (which we have permission to by allowing a few students to come in). I’m aware Software is going to work from home, but I’m not aware of what our other subteams are planning to do.


Our workshop is at the school, and the school has “Gone Dark” for next week. No one allowed in or out. Everything moved online (thank you Slack!) and various virtual projects are in process.

School is out for the next 2 weeks minimum, with no online curriculum for week 1. No idea what happens after that?

Tomorrow - I’m going sailing. If that doesn’t get me out of my head - nothing will.