What are you listening to right now

Since every other thread about this seems to be dead, I figured I’d revive it, also want to find some new music myself. Looking forward to seeing your stuff

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Face my Fears (JVNA Remix)
Soundcloud, YT, Spotify

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How do you have time for music?! Bag and tag is closing in fast and there are robots to finish!

That said, The Score has some pretty epic songs.


Every single Bomb Squad reveal video…

Personally I think this song is a classic, though.

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why have you done this

The Teal Album

Never going to stop listening to Weezer. Critics be damned.

Oh - and these two:

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Their cover of Africa sucked.

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Pandora…ZZ Top Station.

Happens to be playing The Joker by the Steve Miller Band right this second.

And so do you.

Weezer made Toto relevant again - did you even know Toto prior?

Weezer was ground breaking on all levels. Weezer made being a nerd cool. Weezer remade so many things cool - garage bands, dnd, KISS, etc. In an era of grunge, hip-hop, rap, hard rock, Weezer made it acceptable to just be you. And they did it with crunchy guitars and great vocals.

Now they made ‘Scrubs’, ‘Africa’, etc. accessible to new generations. Don’t debate me on Weezer, you still think that Cold Play’s best song is ‘Viva la vida’. Good, but not great.


Tool’s Lateralus Album, At this moment, The Patient.

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this is my go to playlist

EDIT: yes it is 15 hours long

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A low hum from my terbium’s timer as I spool up in the early morning to get my day started. Musically I have my Adrenaline Lullaby playlist on for my travels back and forth to the site. It’s my loud rocking playlist usually made for long trip when I need something to pump me up when I’m feeling sleepy.

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This is my monstrosity. A combination of edm, rock, swing, k-pop, etc.:
Da Tunezzz
2,696 songs and 188 hours. Started making it around 2014. I listen to it daily and update it whenever I find something interesting.
Current noteworthy song though… Take Back Tomorrow by GoldFish

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Our reveal video music tbh

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