What are you packing for Atlanta?

Alright, so talking with a friend of mine, it became painfully obvious that she and I had different packing methods for Atlanta.

So, what are you packing for Atlanta? Here’s my list:

Three T-shirts (all FIRST, naturally–exact ones TBD)
Pants to match
Three pairs of underwear
Three pairs of socks
Shoes (which I’d be wearing)
Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant

(Note that I’m driving in Wednesday and driving back Saturday–hence I’m only packing to have fresh clothes Thursday-Saturday)

Very good topic Billfred.

Blue Hairspray
Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, towel, shaving crap
… I am forgeting few others.

BUT … DUCT TAPE!!! (specially for Billfred).

Oh Lord, you don’t wanna know…
Since I’m a girl…I pack a LOT. Here’s my big list:

  1. undergarments (like ya gotta know that xD)
  2. jeans
  3. t-shirts
  4. pajamas
  5. socks
  6. slippers for the busride (hahahaahahaha!!!)
  7. tennis shoes
  8. toiletries
  9. straightener
  10. brush
  11. toothbrush, toothpaste
  12. camera
  13. charger
  14. iPod
  15. contacts & drops & cleaner stuffs
  16. book
  17. list of people to meet. xD
  18. pillow my boyfriend got me. SO COMFY!
  19. bunches of batteries
  20. purse w/ wallet, cell, etc.

Yeah. I’m a sad sad person. xD

Shirts, jeans, shoes, underwear, socks, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, Act rinse, shampoo and conditioner (can’t stand hotel stuff), soap, moisturizing lotion, sunblock, meds (motrin, sudafed, etc.), pillow for bus, snacks for bus, a book or two, camera, batteries and charger, cell phone and charger, Dave says ‘That’s Pimp too!’ buttons, games: Give Me the Brain, Lord of the Fries and Killer Bunnies, license, credit card, cash, brush, scrunchy, deodorant, and this weird little thing that’s a cross between a hair dryer and a curling brush so that my bangs don’t stick up in the air.

I think that covers it. It sounds like a lot, but it it isn’t really, it all fits into a small suitcase and a backpack (well, with the addition of Killer Bunnies and the snacks for the bus, I may have to have two backpacks).



2)3 RAGE shirts
4)other team’s shirts…
5)a non FIRST shirt or 2
6)cell phone + charger
7)CD players
8)toiletries(brush, toothbrush, deoderant, etc)
10)Hair Dye (in case it washes out too fast) & accessories
11) contacts & supplies
13) flips slops
14)extra hair ties
15)possibly a digial camera
16) Papichulo (my stuffed bear:D)
17) purse & contents thereof
18)pen & paper (you will ALWAYS need this)
19)i’ve run out of things to write, but i assue you they’ll be more in my suitcase :yikes:

Clothes: Team shirts, extra shirt for Sunday, Boxers, socks, jeans
Hygene: Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shaver (if there is room, not all that critical)
Other: Cards, food, gameboy (if room, not very critical), homework (AP tests start one week after championships :ahh: )

Oh yeah, I have to fit everything in a carry-on so I don’t miss the webhug. Our team gets in ATL at 10:45 AM and George (DCA_Fan) and I are going to go straight to MARTA and hope we make it. Hopefully there will be no delays. Can you believe they are routing us through Minneapolis to get from California to Georgia?

See everybody there (if I ever survive our ultra-red-eye).


3 X-Cats shirts
2 tank tops (AKA as wife beater)
1 2005 X-Cat sweatshirt
1 X-Cats travel shirt
2 pairs of sneakers
4 pairs of shorts
1 pair of black pants
1 pair of sandals
4 pairs of underwear
6 pairs of socks (new pack)
tioletry bag filled with dental hygene, shaving products and such)
My new PSP (with 3 games) :slight_smile:
extra pairs of safety glasses (I’m expeting company)
perscription sunglasses and reading glasses
snacks for the plane (Airtran will not feed you)
1 graphic novel ( The Collected Bone series)
a bag of pins to trade on Thursday

A few pairs of pants
White Undershirt
Team shirts
A few spare shirts
Tooth brush
Contact case
Contact cleaner
Spare contacts
Hair gel
Cell Phone + Charger (I will probably forget the charger)
Laptop + dvds + charger (I think i’m taking my laptop)
Numerous packs of gummie bears (for the flight)

I think thats everything I’m gonna need/take.

usual but i’m bring my blades

pants, shorts, socks, team shirts + a couple of extra shirts, underwear, toothpaste, toothbrush, candy, cds, discman, safety glasses…and thats about it I think… :slight_smile: oh and home made chocolate chip cookies :wink:

i pack my whole life for trips and stuff so basically im bringin everything lol im of course bringin food cuz i love food…and im bringin my cookies that i made lol yes i am very good at baking and cooking. im italian what can u say lol

SLIPPERS! good thinkin dory! lol im so bringin my slippers…my fuzzy purple ones.

-Sparky Shirts
-Assorted team shirts (MOE, Oz, etc.)
-My Rare Button Collection (MOE, Dave 1 & 2, etc)
-Dell Laptop
-External CD Burner
-Portable Speakers
-Bose Headphones
-Digital Camera

a stack of team 56 shirts (old and new)
some team 56 bandanas (old and new)
neon green speedo to distract team 237’s auto mode
some other shirts
safety glasses
pvc for a banner stand
2005 Philadelphia Regional WINNER banner
some of this years awards
and toothbrush,brush, and other stuff of that sort

-MOE shirts, old and new
-a few pair of pants, shorts
-other team shirts, 103, 759, 25
-Laptop and external HD
-portable DVD player for the 17 hour bus ride
-air bed so I don’t have to share a bed at the hotel
-Cd’s DVDs
-pillow and blanket for bus ride
-sun glasses for out door stuff
-lacrosse stick
-cell phone charger
I think that is it, other then boxers, socks and bathroom stuff.

…I won’t ask. :ahh:

hehe…I thought you meant what *equipment * are we packing.
Anyways, I’m bringing a set of clothes for each day, but there’s a problem. I only have one team shirt and I usually wear another shirt underneath it so it doesnt get sweaty and gross. I’m worried it’ll be too hot in the dome or I’ll spill ketchup on it or something.
Other than that i’m bringing the usual toiletries, my video and still cameras, tripod, sneakers, sweatshirt, maybe a hat, sunglasses, stuff to keep busy on the plane.

Good luck & see you there
Mike F.
Team 1279- Cold Fusion Robotics

…well this is nifty! :slight_smile: i was planning on packing tonight anyways, so this is great to make sure i dont forget anything. :slight_smile: (yes i always pack a few days ahead of time so i have enough time to remember anything i might have forgotten…) haha i’m such a girl… i’m packing a lot… but really, this is kind of “packing light” since all of this stuff doesnt really take up much room, and i’m only bringing the bare minimum of what i think i’ll need

  • my Nerdstock 2k5 shirt
  • my 2004 and 2005 team shirts
  • team board shorts
  • a random shirt and 2 pairs of jeans
  • pink pj pants & some sort of shirt to match
  • pink undies! (like you needed to know that)
  • pink socks
  • toothbrush, toothpaste, other toiletries, etc.
  • Pink hairspray
  • pink safety glasses
  • random pink swag accessories i’ll be wearing (basically whatever i found in my room right after i came back from Denver that i shoved in my pink bag so i wouldnt forget to bring it)
  • pink makeup
  • pink nailpolish (my goal is to paint all of the guys on my team’s nails pink on the bus!)
  • hairties
  • hair straightener
  • my [strike]legendary[/strike] pink bikini top (lol)
  • bathing suit for the hot tub :wink: [maybe it wont be as cold as last year and we’ll be able to go in the pool…]
  • glowsticks! (maybe. i’m working on that…)
  • phone&charger
  • digital camera & lots of extra batteries (since my rechargable battery died…)
  • sketchbook. :slight_smile: because i can
  • my pink notebook w/ stuff for Chairmans Award in it.

…i think thats it. :slight_smile: i’m way behind in most of my classes… (i think i’ve gotten the FIRST equivalent to Senioritus…) and AP exams are sneaking up on me… so i’m not bringing my GameBoy at all… i know that it will be a huge distraction and temptation to procratinate. maybe i’ll be able to make some good use of the 8-hrs bus trip to Atlanta!

i am bringing

1 red huskie brigade shirt that i had all but one of the DSATK members sign
1 white huskie brigade shirt for Thursday
1 team 383 shirt that i traded my second red huskie brigade shirt for
1 pair of camo pants
2 pairs of camo shorts
3 pairs of shorts
1 pair of pants
3 football jerseys to wear when i can wear them
1 spiking gel for my hair
1 tooth brush
1 speed stick for my stinky armpits
4 pairs of boxers
4 pairs of socks
1 tube of tooth paste
1 shaver
1 pillow
1 blanket
1 cd player with headphones
1 cd case full of cds
1 cell phone
1 cell phone charger
1 digital camera
1 pair of shoes
1 bottle of polo blue cologne
i think thats all for now

Extra Team 188 Jersey for trade
Team 188 Golf Shirt for trade
Some team 188 Playing Cards for special people
8 colorful shirts as I don’t know what I will wear what day
some T Shirts
Socks, Underwear, Pants, Toiletries, Jacket
2 cans red hair color
2 cans blue hair color
2 cans orange hair color
2 cans purple hair color
2 cans chartreuse hair color
2 cans silver sparkle hair color
3 cans white hair color
Large jar of Spiker Glue
bottle of good shampoo